Amanda Kloots Says Nick Cordero Is ''Missed Every Second'' One Month After His Death

Broadway star Nick Cordero died on July 5 following a months-long battle with COVID-19. His wife, Amanda Kloots, honored his legacy one month later with a new Instagram post.

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Amanda Kloots is keeping her head held high exactly month after she said goodbye to Nick Cordero

The late Broadway star's wife took to Instagram on Wednesday with a heartfelt tribute to Cordero, who passed away from complications of COVID-19. His months-long battle with the coronavirus and Amanda's enduring strength throughout it captivated both Hollywood and the public

"Dear Nick," she wrote alongside a photo of the couple, "it's been one month since you've been gone. I wish I could say it has got easier, but with each passing day I miss you more and more."

The fitness trainer added, "I wish I could see you, hold you, kiss you, talk to you, hear your voice, get a hug, see you with Elvis. Your huge presence in our lives is missed every second of every day. I love you forever and always."

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Amanda has said she's found solace in the couple's 1-year-old son, Elvis.

Amanda Kloots / Instagram

"I feel so lucky to have Elvis in my life," she recently shared on Instagram. "A piece of Nick that is still alive. I am so grateful for that. I am trying to find the things in my life that I am grateful for through this difficult time when nothing seems right. I always start my day with a positive quote but I am going to start adding in what I am grateful for to remind me that there are always blessings even in the most difficult of times."

Shortly after Nick's passing, his closest family and friends gathered for what Amanda described was a celebration of his life and legacy. 

"Let's try to laugh, share great stories and sing for him and to his memory," she wrote at the time. "He would have loved it. It was beautiful and perfect. His spirit was definitely there."

Nick died nearly four months after he was admitted to the intensive care unit in late March. Doctors said the actor's lungs were so "severely damaged" from COVID-19 they resembled that of a lifelong smoker's. However, he became well enough to be taken off the ventilator and regained consciousness in mid-May. 

Unfortunately any glimmer of hope for Nick's future dimmed after his health began declining again. Amanda confirmed news of his passing on July 5. 

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