Meet Dulcé Sloan: 10 Fascinating Facts About the Voice Behind E!'s 10 Things You Don't Know

By Brett Malec Aug 04, 2020 11:40 PMTags
Watch: "10 Things You Don't Know": Brad Pitt & More Celeb Facts

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Dulcé Sloan!

The comedian and actor is the voice behind E!'s new series 10 Things You Don't Know. When the show premieres this Monday at 10 p.m., Sloan will reveal jaw-dropping facts about your favorite celebs, like Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and more.

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"I've learned some really fun facts about people and it's been really fun to do. It's a very interesting process," Sloan tells E! News exclusively about narrating the series. "You know, when you're giving people facts about people, you gotta make sure stuff is 100 percent accurate, you gotta check all your sources."
"Learning that Will Smith gave his father-in-law a heart attack because he was jumping out of a plane for his 50th birthday was wild," she revealed. "I think that was probably the most interesting thing that I learned."

Before the 10 Things premiere, we thought we'd get to know Sloan a little better as well. Check out 10 fascinating facts about Dulcé Sloan below before the 10 Things You Don't Know premiere next week!

"10 Things You Don't Know": Brad Pitt & More Celeb Facts

1. She hosts her own podcast That Black Ass Show, which celebrates America's iconic black shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Martin. New episodes go live every Wednesday.

2. She's a Daily Show With Trevor Noah correspondent and has hosted hilarious segments like "911 for White People Emergencies" and "What is Juneteenth? Dulcé Sloan Explains."

3. Her favorite movie ever is Corrina, Corrina and the last TV show she binged is Ugly Betty.

4. She's a HUGE RuPaul's Drag Race fan and has watched since season 1 ("I was at the first Drag Con"). While she's met tons of queens, including Monique Hart, Nina West, Alaska, Manila Luzon, Jinx Monsoon, Alyssa Edwards, Willam, and Ongina, she says she relates most to Jujubee. "Jujubee has a way of breaking down a situation," Sloan says. "She was the best part of All Stars."

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5. Her first celebrity crush? "Chris Barrie from Red Dwarf. It's a BBC show. That was my first TV crush," she said before adding, "No, no, no, no. Bumper Robinson! Yeah, Bumper Robinson on Amen, I've wanted to marry him since I was a little girl. Bumper Robinson."

6. Her favorite holiday is, "July 4th, because it's my birthday."

7. If she could only eat 1 food for the rest of her life it would be nachos.

8. The one famous person she's dying to be friends with in real life? "Probably Leah Remini. She just looks like she'd throw hands," Sloan says. "I just love watching her, also I always have an affinity for a white woman who keeps acrylic nails. Like since Saved By the Bell has had acrylic nails. I just want to know her. Like she just seems so interesting."

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9. She has a hidden talent. "I'm good at crafting. I had a jewelry business for a long time," she says. "That's what I've been doing during the quarantine in crafting."

10. If she weren't in the entertainment business, what career would she have? "I've thought about this. I think I would probably have been an archeologist or historian," she reveals. "Yeah, if I wasn't an actor and a comic I'd probably be a historian. I don't know if I'd want to be a history teacher because if I'd be in the middle of like, 'OK this is Mansa Musa, he was the richest man ever…Hey, you! Pay attention!' I don't think I could do that. Because it's like, ‘You're not as excited about Mansa Musa as I am? This is unacceptable to me. Get out of my classroom!'"