Heidi Klum Denies ''Totally False'' Claim She Flew on Jeffrey Epstein's Private Plane

Heidi Klum and her lawyer addressed claims that she was acquainted with former sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, as alleged by Virginia Roberts Giuffre in 2011

By Cydney Contreras Aug 03, 2020 10:47 PMTags
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Heidi Klum has denied ever having any connections to the late Jeffrey Epstein.

On Thursday, July 30, court documents related to the ongoing criminal case against Ghislaine Maxwell were made available to the public. Included in the numerous documents was a transcript of a 2011 telephone interview between Virginia Roberts Giuffre and her attorneys, in which she claimed she had seen model Heidi Klum, among other celebrity figures, traveling on Epstein's private jet. 

However, Daniel S. Passman, the lawyer for Klum, told E! News, "Any reference to Heidi Klum in connection with Jeffrey Epstein is totally false. Heidi Klum's name and initials were absent from all the flight logs which were released. Many high profile people are listed, but Ms. Klum is not one of them... The explanation is simple. She has never been on any of Mr. Epstein's planes. And that is because she did not know Mr. Epstein and was never on his island."

Untangling the Aftermath of Ghislaine Maxwell's Arrest

Additionally, Klum expressed sympathy for Epstein's victims in a statement to People magazine. "I have been watching the news and see that I have been mistakenly named as a passenger on one of Mr. Epstein's flights. I did not know Mr. Epstein and therefore have never been on his planes, at his homes or his island. I am speaking up as I do not want to be falsely associated with Mr. Epstein and the horrific story surrounding him," Klum claimed. "I stand with the victims who have so bravely come forward and I too want the truth to come out and for justice to prevail."

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The former Victoria's Secret model was not the only celebrity figure to be named as an alleged acquaintance of the convicted sex offender. For many years, former President Bill Clinton has been accused of associating with the criminal in public forums and on Epstein's private island, where women were allegedly trafficked and abused.

But as the former politician's spokesperson told NBC News, "The story keeps changing, the facts don't. President Clinton has never been to the island."

Jeffrey Epstein died of suicide in a New York City jail cell in August 2019, according to a medical examiner. The disgraced financier was awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges, which he plead not guilty to. 

Likewise, his alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell denies any wrongdoing. She was arrested and charged on six counts for her alleged involvement in the Epstein abuse case on July 2.