A $60,000 Budget Might Be a Deal-Breaker for This Difficult Client on Backyard Envy

Watch an exclusive sneak peek of tonight's Backyard Envy season premiere below!

By Allison Crist Aug 04, 2020 2:00 PMTags

Have the Manscapers met their match?

According to an exclusive sneak peek of tonight's Backyard Envy season 2 premiere, the answer to that question might be yes!

The above clip shows the friends and business partners—Garrett Magee, Melissa Braiser and James DeSantis—discussing a project's budget with two clients, though one is seemingly hesitant to hire the boutique landscaping company.

"I don't know," the client, Jack, tells the trio while reviewing their proposed plan. "I don't feel like we're utilizing enough space."

Luckily, Garrett manages to impress Jack with a quick response.

"Saved!" Jack says to Garrett. "You gotta close it now! You gotta close this on me now."

But just when things are starting to look promising for the Manscapers, Jack challenges James to continue the sweet-talking.

However, he simply utters, "I mean, we did the design and the drawings, so for me, the drawings speak for themselves."

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Garrett is admittedly enjoying the situation, telling the Backyard Envy cameras, "Jack is loving Mel, loving me [and] giving James a hard time. He's not used to that!"

After James' remark, Jack starts to reply, "But if there was no budget in mind..." only for James to stop him, saying, "Well there is a budget in mind."

"And you've given it to us and we've already sort of exceed it a little bit," James continues. "You had mentioned a budget of $50,000. We are looking at more of a budget around $60,000. And that is as low as we can possibly get it to be."

This leaves Jack feeling even more unsure about the project. 

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"We have to kind of talk about that I think," Jack tells the Manscapers. "Because it's like...I wasn't expecting to drop that much in a backyard."

James explains his reasoning for his approach with Jack in a confessional, noting, "Yes, there will be an element of sticker shock."

He continues, "At the same time, I want them to know what everything costs. And if I gave him a budget of $50K and it only had one-third of the things he was asking for, he would've been more upset with us."

Back in the conversation with the clients, James leaves the two with one final line: "Actually now, the competitive person that I am, I want to blow you away and I think you're gonna be really amazed by the job we do."

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Jack's response? "It's something to consider."

Talk about a cliffhanger! To see if the Manscapers prove successful in landing these clients, tune into tonight's season 2 premiere.

Backyard Envy airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m., only on Bravo!

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