Amy Schumer Gets Real About What to Expect With "New Parents Sex"

Amy Schumer opened up about motherhood, wanting more children and other topics on iHeartRadio’s new podcast What to Expect.

By Mike Vulpo Aug 04, 2020 1:00 PMTags

When it comes to motherhood, Amy Schumer remains an open book. 

As the comedian raises son Gene, 14 months, with husband Chris Fischer, the new parent continues to learn more and more everyday about what it means to be a mom.

So perhaps it's only fitting that when iHeartRadio Originals launched its latest podcast What to Expect, co-hosts Heidi Murkoff and her daughter Emma Bing wanted to have Amy on the show.

In E! News' exclusive preview of the Wednesday Aug. 5 premiere episode, Amy opened up about her first year of motherhood including her experience with "new parents sex."

"Well, you know, it's like they say, you can't have sex for like six weeks, you know? And I was hoping it was going to be longer than that because they just like sliced my FUPA open. I'm not like dying to, you know, get pounded from behind. Thank you very much," she joked. "So I was very down to wait the six weeks and then, and then it was nice."

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Amy continued, "Once we can have sex again, it was, it was nice. And we're really good about having sex once a week. We just keep it going because you have to otherwise you're just like roommates and then it's like weird that you're having sex."

Instagram / Amy Schumer

According to Heidi, who wrote the best-selling book What to Expect When You're Expecting, if you don't put sex on the calendar, "you can get really lazy about it."

Amy replied, "No, we make a plan. We go like, ‘Let's have sex tomorrow or Tuesday. That'll be a good day.' And then we do it and we go, 'That's great. We should do that more,' but we still just do it once a week."

During the podcast episode, the actress and Food Network star also looked back on suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum during her pregnancy.


And despite a difficult nine months, Amy is still hopeful that she can expand her family in the future.

"I'm never going to be pregnant again. I also have really bad endometriosis and the Adenomyosis. I could have a baby again physically but it might kill me," Amy shared. "We got some embryos and I went through IVF and we got one normal one and two mosaics. We're thinking seriously about taking the surrogacy route. COVID kind of put everything on hold, but of course we do want more. I hope that's in the cards for us." 

Expecting Amy is available to stream on HBO now. And listen to the full podcast episode of What to Expect this Wednesday on iHeartRadio.