Dorinda Medley Offers Support to Grieving Family in Celeb Call Center Sneak Peek

By Allison Crist Aug 03, 2020 3:30 PMTags
Watch: Dorinda Medley Sympathizes With Grieving Wife

All-too-familiar feelings.

You never know what to expect with Celebrity Call Center, the E! series in which ordinary people receive extraordinary advice from their favorite stars. After all, the Bella twins, Todd Chrisley, Alyssa Milano and Reza Farahan, among a bevy of other celebs, have fielded calls about everything from neighbor disputes to pregnancy sex.

But sometimes, as this sneak peek of tonight's all-new episode proves, there are callers in need of help with heartbreaking situations.

Luckily, The Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley is on hand and eager to provide advice.

"I'm calling because my dad passed away a few years ago, and we had a dog who was a miniature poodle named Riley," the caller, Hannah, begins. "And my parents were both really obsessed with the dog, and the dog Riley passed away recently."

Hannah from San Luis Obispo, Calif., continues, "And my mom actually took it to a taxidermist to have it stuffed. And she's been taking the dog with her everywhere, like to grocery stores, the pharmacy..."

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Essentially, Hannah tells Dorinda, she wants to know how to talk to her mom about her attachment to the dog "without breaking her heart."

"Well, unfortunately, I have a lot of experience in this because as everyone knows, my husband passed away eight years ago," Dorinda explains, referring to her late husband, Richard Medley. "People deal with grief so differently. It is a process that is just so isolating."

As the RHONY star sees it, Hannah's mom is using the dog as "part of her healing process."

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"I personally developed sort of rituals and funny things after Richard died that maybe no one else understood, but they made me feel good," Dorinda says on the phone. "So I think that's the first step...find out if this is her way of coping through, you know, the loss of her husband, and then therefore something they shared together."

See more of the emotional exchange between Dorinda and her caller in the above clip.