Can the Botched Doctors Remove Andre's Non-Stop Growing Keloid for Good?

By Alyssa Ray Aug 03, 2020 5:30 PMTags
Watch: Single Mother Blames Herself for Son's Ear Abnormality

A single mother needs help for her son.

In this clip from tonight's all-new Botched, doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif meet with new patient Andre and learn about his ear abnormality. Apparently, the young man suffered from a rare condition at birth called microtia and corrective surgery resulted in the formation of a massive keloid.

"In simple terms, a keloid is overgrowth of scar tissue," Dr. Nassif explains in a confessional. "And when you just cut it off, your body says, 'Hey! There's still a wound here' and it keeps growing."

He adds, "So, it's very hard to excise and not have it grow back again."

For the consultation, Andre is joined by his mother, Malika. According to the new Botched patient, he and his mother have a close relationship as Malika is a single mom.

"She was always encouraging me to just make the most out of a bad situation," he relays to the Botched camera. "I know that it's straining to her to, maybe, go through another procedure again with the same results."

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Per Andre, Dr. Nassif is his last hope since another failed surgery means he'll have to live with the keloid for "the rest of [his] life."

To make matters worse, Malika reveals she has always blamed herself for Andre's condition.

She recalls thinking, "Is it something I did? 'Cause I work in a pharmacy, was it a medicine I was probably exposed to before?"

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Even though the doctors assure Malika she did not cause Andre's microtia, the single mother notes, "I always blamed myself."

"Microtia could be a congenital thing or it could be environmental," Dr. Nassif shares later on. "Many factors can cause this, but you can't really pick out one specific factor."

Andre's first surgery took place when he was 5-years-old, a procedure he remembers vividly as he had cartilage removed from his rib.

"I just remember I was in pain," he shares with the docs.

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When the keloid formed years later, Malika says her son said he was done with surgeries. However, the growth has since grown over his ear.

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Can the doctors help Andre? For that answer, be sure to catch tonight's all-new episode!