Botched Before & After: See the Show's Most Shocking Transformations

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Watch: "Botched" Returns With Weird Knee & Nose Cases

It's safe to say that Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif are really good at what they do.

For seven seasons now, the Botched docs have continually shocked both their patients and those tuning in at home by performing the most complicated of procedures—all to correct former failed surgeries—and delivering stunning transformations. Oftentimes, thanks to the plastic surgery experts, you can't even tell what went wrong with a patient's initial operation!

For the last seven seasons, Botched has been packed with "stories that you think would never happen."

"We decided this season to take on those patients that normally we would pass on, that weren't considered fixable," Heather Dubrow's husband told E!'s Justin Sylvester on Daily Pop before season six premiered last year. "But because we've been doing this for so long, we have sort of special operations and special skills for these incredibly difficult cases."

So far, the docs have certainly delivered.

Botched Docs' Most Hilarious Quotes

In recent episodes, the two have done everything from correct a breast augmentation performed by a dentist to help a woman with "dead person" breasts! And last season, Terry even invented his own surgical technique to help a patient's botched boobs!

For a closer look at the impressive transformations ahead of Botched's return to E! next week on Tuesday, Jan. 25 at 9 p.m., scroll through the gallery below! And catch up on Botched on Peacock any time.

Tummy Terror

After having a child, Bianca went for a tummy tuck that turned her abdomen into a terrifying sight. The Botched docs were able to fix Bianca's scarred tummy, giving her back the confidence she lost.

New Nose, New Career

Prior to meeting the Botched docs, Claudia's "biggest regret" was letting her nose get in the way of her dream of being a telenovela star. Now, she's free to pursue the career she's always wanted!

A Single Surgery Gone Wrong

Dr. Terry Dubrow dubbed this Botched patient's situation a "WTF case" before returning her breasts to their original shape and size.

A Rockstar's Return to Glory

Musician David underwent three(!) different surgeries only to be left with a disfigured eye. It took a risky procedure to fix, but the Botched docs worked their magic just like they always do.

A Messy Mommy Makeover

Tatyana was swindled into receiving a full-blown mommy makeover that nearly ended her life when she was just 20 years old. Thankfully, the Botched docs were able to fix the near-fatal mistakes and restore Tatyana's confidence in the process.

Dream Come True

Flesh-eating bacteria "destroyed" Edna's nose as a young child, and her dad was so determined to get her the proper help that he relocated their entire family to the U.S. Now that Dr. Nassif and Dubrow have worked their magic, "I can live free for the first time in my life," Edna said.

"Janky Boobs" Be Gone

Piper had a frightening experience with ketamine while undergoing her first breast augmentation, resulting in what she called "janky boobs." However, the Botched docs were able to fix everything.

Four Nose Jobs Later...

Cadine underwent three (!) surgeries in an attempt to get the nose she wanted, but since the doctor who performed them may have not even had a medical license, the procedures only made things worse. Thankfully, Drs. Nassif and Dubrow were able to not only correct the issues from the previous surgeries, but deliver the nose of Cadine's dreams.

Float Trip Fail

A freak accident during a float trip almost cost patient Kaitlyn her leg. While she was lucky enough to get her injured knee treated at the time, it turned out to be a short-term fix—that was, until the Botched docs stepped in and saved the day. Now, she's living pain-free.

Bye Bye Ballsack Foot

Upon meeting the Botched docs, Destiny joked that she had a "ball sack" on her foot. In reality, the growth was the result of a rare affliction—so rare that she became the subject of a medical journal report when she was just 13 months old—known as a lipoblastoma. Thankfully, Dr. Dubrow was able to greatly reduce the size.

A Complicated Commissuroplasty

All Patia wanted was to get her "life" and "identity" back after a surgeon accidentally made her mouth opening smaller. Much to her delight, the Botched docs were able to help.

Beast of Burden

Jazmyn felt self-conscience about a "beast" birth mark running from the back of her ear down her neck. From itching to sweating, the birth mark was a major inconvenience for Jazmyn—and also a possible health risk if it kept growing, according to Dr. Dubrow. With the help of Dr. Nassif's ingenious tissue expander idea, Jazmyn was rid of her birth mark once and for all.

Past Life Complaints

Aia received calf implants 17 years ago after having a break-through "past life immersion" experience. Admittedly "obsessed" with how her legs looked, Aia realized that she was suffering from a "sub-conscious memory" from her past. "In my past life, I was a German soldier," Aia explained. "I was on the battlefield and something blew up next to my legs."

Yet, after getting her implants, she was faced with some present life problems. "All I wanted was bigger calves, and now I have deformed purple legs," she complained. "They look like they came from another human being." She taped down her legs to compress them, and also revealed that her right leg felt like it was on fire. Dr. Dubrow realized that Aia's implant was "bent on itself" and harming her nerves. Both implants were removed, and Aia could see her natural legs once again.

A "Giant" Chin

Yazmin was fed up with her "lumpy and bumpy" chin which she called her "giant." At age 14, Yazmin had surgery that took fat from her stomach to reconstruct her chin following an accident. Yet, Yazmin remained self-conscious of the bottom half of her face for years. Dr. Nassif tightened the skin around her chin to smooth the contours and also lifted up the tissue to fix Yazmin's slightly droopy mouth. It was yet another success story for the doc!


Reconstruction Rescue

Shannah was checked for the BRCA-2 gene following her father's Paget's disease diagnosis for the male equivalent of breast cancer. Shannah underwent a double mastectomy in 2014, but her reconstructive implants were not properly expanding. Dr. Dubrow quickly realized that Shannah still had remaining breast tissue, which put her at risk of contracting breast cancer. Thankfully, he removed all of the tissue and Shannah could breathe easy with her new and improved implants.

"Hot Mess" Nose

Real estate agent Christy fell for "retail medicine at its worst" when it came to her two-for-one rhinoplasty procedure. Her past doctor blamed her "defective" cartilage, but Dr. Nassif is determined to fix Christy's slanted nose. Yet, her procedure comes with a slight surprise while she's under the knife: Dr. Nassif dealt with unexpected booze ooze thanks to Christy's alcohol intake leading up to her surgery. "This probably will not be the last time a White Claw gets me in trouble," Christy joked after her nose job. "But I just see what I feel like should have been on my face my entire life." Consider her surgery a huge success!

Coral Reef Relief

Lifelong professional surfer Bruno has been suffering from two mystery masses for years. Thankfully, his pathology results came back negative for cancer, but Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif were still baffled by the "barnacles" and "coral"-like tissue that they removed from Bruno's chest. At least he's back doing what he was made to do: riding the waves!

“Lumpy” Nose Woes

Brittnie got a nose job as a teenager without telling her mother, leaving her with an "Owen Wilson" nose. Dr. Nassif realized Brittany's bones were straight, but it was her cartilage that had deviated over the years. Despite the "risky" surgery, Dr. Nassif put Brittnie's nose back intact. "I am so happy," Brittnie beamed. "I am beginning to love myself more."

J. Lo Butt Gone Wrong

Yuliana wanted a plump rear like Jennifer Lopez end following her weight loss, but multiple visits to a doctor in Colombia only left her with a "deformed" behind that put her on the brink of divorce. Thankfully, Dr. Dubrow was there to remove all implants and silicone injections, and help put Yuliana back on the path of a natural butt.

Wrestling An Asymmetrical Nose

Sara felt self-conscious after breaking her nose at age eight during a wrestling match. Yet the competition was only the half of it: Sara's possible body dysmorphia disorder took root while comparing herself to her triplet sister. Dr. Nassif thankfully fixed Sara's nose so she could be proud of her new look.


Bobbing For Baywatch Boobs

Deana was hoping for a "Pamela Anderson look" with bouncing Baywatch breasts, but she instead got two "rotten apples with a bite taken out" of her chest. Yikes! Despite Deana's "freak show" bosom, Dr. Dubrow re-crafted her breast implants to be more shapely.


Fixed Parrot's Beak

After three failed surgeries, Yesenia thought her nose looked like it was "smashed against a window" permanently. Dr. Nassif treated her collapsed nostrils, empty nose syndrome and former "parrot"-like nose so Yesenia could finally get the before and after photos she dreamed of.

Dented Booty Call

Takeema suffered from a misshapen behind after a tummy tuck, butt implants and Brazilian butt lift. Thankfully Dr. Dubrow crafted new cheeks for Takeema to feel confident after losing her basketball-sized "dunk'em" rear end.


David is convinced his mother's IUD was the cause of his misshapen nose. Thankfully Dr. Nassif can reconstruct it so David can be headache-free and breathe easy.

Flap Jack Breasts

Firefighter Jodi underwent multiple breast augmentation surgeries that ultimately left her with a deflated chest. Thanks to Dr. Dubrow, Jodi now "feels like a woman again" after receiving the correct implant size.

Rocky Nose Nonsense

Jessica couldn't breathe after three failed surgeries to fix her "rocky mountain range" nose. Thanks to Dr. Paul Nassif, Jessica's nose was fixed just in time for her to return to her hiking hobby.

Tummy Tuck Terror

Newly-divorced single mom Maritza underwent a risky tummy tuck and liposuction procedure in Mexico that resulted in her losing her belly button. Dr. Terry Dubrow reconstructs both her stomach and her confidence in a shocking procedure.

Shark Bite-Sized "Gaping Hole"

Donnie was living in fear after a severe car accident left him with a shark bite-shaped gnash on his left side. Thanks to Dr. Dubrow, Donnie underwent a tummy tuck type procedure to remove the skin graft—just in time for shirtless summers again on the beach.

Nose From Hell

This patient needed a nose job from the inside-out, but after a severe lupus flair-up, she finally was ready to breathe easy for the first time in years. "I have a Dr. Nassif nose!" she later joked to her husband.

Back From "Whoville"

Holly couldn't help but joke before her wedding day that she looked like she belonged in Dr. Seuss' fictional "Whoville" town after an accident left her with a broken nose—and a botched nose job. Even Dr. Paul Nassif was left speechless after examining her nose that was missing serious amounts of cartilage. Yet the top doctor knew how to piece her nose back together again just in time for Holly's big day.

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