Sasha Pieterse Posts Epic Maternity Photo to Join the #WomenSupportingWomen Challenge

Sasha Pieterse is the latest star to participate in the #WomenSupportingWomen challenge on Instagram. She stood out among the crowd with an epic maternity photo.

By Alyssa Morin Jul 28, 2020 9:20 PMTags
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As Beyoncé once said in her female anthem, "Who run the world? Girls!"

Those words couldn't feel more true with the latest trend taking over Instagram: The #WomenSupportingWomen challenge.

In the last few days, people's feeds have been flooded with black-and-white images of women sharing selfies, professional portraits and candid shots of themselves. The purpose of the challenge is for women to celebrate themselves, while also uplifting and praising the ladies in their lives

Among the countless people participating in the challenge is Pretty Little Liars star Sasha Pieterse. The 24-year-old actress' posts stood out on Monday evening when she showed off her growing baby bump with a topless maternity photo.

"Challenge accepted. Thank you my beautiful friend [Kirin Bhatty], she began her caption. "Already sleep-deprived but enjoying every moment. During this life-changing time I am especially aware and in awe of the power of women."

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"Watching my body transform to give life is an unexplainable joy. Love on the women around you, always," she closed.

Back in May, Sasha shared the special news that she was expecting her first child with husband Hudson Sheaffer. "We are so beyond excited to finally share our sweet news with all of you we will be welcoming a precious little human this October," the actress wrote at the time.

Moreover, the baby news was announced on a significant day for the couple. "Today marks our 2nd wedding anniversary and what better way to share our joy then [sic] on the day when our lives changed forever (the first time)," Sasha expressed. "Motherhood is officially my favorite role ever!"


Earlier this month, Sasha opened up about her pregnancy and hormone condition, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), in a candid interview with People.

"Just the fact that we were able to get pregnant was such a blessing because with PCOS that made me nervous," she told the publication. "A lot of women have infertility issues and so we were expecting more difficulty, so it's been an absolute blessing that we were able to just get pregnant by ourselves."

"My hormones have been balancing out, so it's actually been a good thing [in that regard]. And I'm hoping that this will maybe even help in the future too," she noted. "I've heard some really amazing stories about how pregnancy can actually help with symptoms of PCOS afterward, which would be amazing, but we're taking it one step at a time and just thankful that we're both healthy."

She closed, "I wanted to be a mom my whole life. The fact that it's finally here—it's a crazy, crazy time, but a beautiful time. In the midst of everything happening, it really is the silver lining for us."