All the Details on Demi Lovato's Proposal From Her "Perfect Match" Max Ehrich

"They just click on every level. When you know you know and this is one of those cases," a source says of Demi Lovato's relationship with Max Ehrich

By Cydney Contreras Jul 23, 2020 11:25 PMTags

Demi Lovato is ready to spend the rest of her life with Max Ehrich, who E! sources describe as the "perfect match" for the pop star.

The lovebirds announced their engagement on Wednesday night, following a romantic proposal on the beach. And though the engagement came as a surprise to many of Demi's fans, a source tells E! News the singer knew that it was only a matter of time before her boo popped the question. "Demi had a feeling it was coming, she just didn't know exactly when," the insider shares.

That suspicion, the source says, is partly because the two started talking about a potential engagement on day one. The source explains, "They both always knew they were each other's perfect match. Demi has been in love with Max since the second they went on their first date. They have been inseparable since."

A second source agrees, adding, "They had a very deep connection from the moment they met that was different and unlike anything they had ever felt before... They just click on every level. When you know you know and this is one of those cases."

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich: Romance Rewind

The second source says Demi loves that the Young and the Restless alum accepts her "for exactly who she is" and that he's "very supportive of her sobriety."

"She feels she is at her best and that he brings out the best in her and vice versa," they explain, with the other insider adding, "He is the perfect combo of excitement but also supportive of her healthy/sober lifestyle. They complement each other."


The first source notes that the connection Max and Demi hasn't gone unnoticed by her family. They share, "Demi's mom and sisters are all very excited for them and think Max is perfect for Demi." 

And how could they not when this source describes Demi as being "the happiest she's ever been"? 

This pure joy was obvious in the engagement photos shared by the singer and actor, which Demi's friend took for them. 

Max seemed to think of everything for the proposal, with the first source gushing that he bought the ring "weeks ago" in anticipation of the moment.

Although, Demi seemed to do some planning of her own. "They had plans to do a 'date night' last night and Demi got all dolled up for Max. She wanted to look and feel her best and had a small feeling she was getting engaged," the first insider reveals.


Demi and Max are now relishing in post-proposal bliss, as evident in their Instagram posts.

On Thursday, Max posted additional photos from the magical evening. He captioned the pictures, "It's a forever kind of thing," which Demi responded to with a, "YESSSSS IT ISSSS." 

Their love story seemingly began in March, when the singer and actor exchanged flirty messages on social media. From there, the relationship went into hyper-speed as the duo started social distancing together two months later. And the rest was history.