P-Valley's Nicco Annan: Inside My Self-Care Routine

Exclusive: The breakout star of the new Starz drama reveals his go-to indulgences, favorite way to break a sweat and his inspiring personal mantra

By Tierney Bricker Jul 29, 2020 7:00 AMTags
Nicco Annan: My Self-Care Routine, Wellness WednesdaysCourtesy: Nicco Annan/Diane Zhao; E! Illustration

Welcome to the inaugural meeting of the Nicco Annan fan club. Get comfortable 'cause it's the first of many. 

In case you aren't watching one of the best new shows of the year, Annan is the breakout star of Starz' revolutionary drama P-Valley, starring as Uncle Clifford, the gender-fluid strip-club owner who happens to steal every scene he's in  and looks flawless while doing so. 

And it turns out Annan is just as fabulous—if not more so—than his character. In this week's installment of E!'s Wellness Wednesday series, the actor opens up about his self-care routine, revealing his go-to indulgences, his favorite way to break a sweat and what is making him happy right now.

Plus, his answer to what he can't go to bed without doing every day will definitely cause your eyes to rain, just warning you now. 

Affirmation or Mantra You Tell Yourself: 
"I am enough." We all have spaces in our lives where we may feel insecure or more inadequate than other areas in life. I say those are aspects of self that I can afford to maturate. I try not to focus on the lack but look to the increase or growth that I'm calling to my life. 

How to Self-Care at Home Like the Stars

The First Thing You Do in the Morning:
Tell God, good morning. Because there is still breath in my body and for that I'm grateful. The way I start the day sets the tone for how the day flows.

Three Things You Try to Do Each Day:
Meditate/Devotion. Dance and vibe out to some good music. Laugh (it's medicine for your soul).

At some point in time throughout the day I try to get these three things in to make me feel  good and keep me centered regardless how busy the day may be. 

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Social Media Accounts You Follow for Positivity:

@dreamcreateinspire: I discovered this page by happenstance but the uplifting, truly roll on the floor hysterical humor, and cultural specificities with church culture and everyday life will undoubtedly uplift your spirit.
@broadwayblack: I was trained in the theatre and surrounded by artists that look like me and inspire me to a standard of excellence and to take bold risks within my art. Even though my on-camera career has bloomed, I can never forget the stage. Broadway Black highlights that same pedigree of excellence and being nominated for an inaugural Antonio Award this year for my work in the stage production of The Hot Wing King, penned by Katori Hall, was awesome.

@blackgayweddings: It's simple, seeing positive images of members of the Black LGBTQ+ Community resonating in the Love space reminds me that it's all still possible. I try to have profiles on my timeline that feed into various aspects of my life and we can't forget the heart space.

Your Favorite Way to Break a Sweat Right Now:
I'm trying to maintain physical balance in the pandemic of it all. My friend, Tyler Lepley, who plays Diamond on P-Valley, told me about GloveWorx Boxing Gym here in LA. I've been taking their online & Instagram Live classes during quarantine and the sweat is REAL. LOL.

Your Go-To Snack:
Single almonds. They make me less guilty than the Doritos that my spirit wants.  

Your Go-To Healthy Recipe:
Arugula with pomegranate seeds and a balsamic glaze. It's the perfect late night snack and helps to keep the craving for desserts at bay for me. But every once and a while the chocolate cake wins. 

Your Go-To Indulgence:
I love to go on walks. Even prior to the shelter-in-place, even though I'm a homebody, I love being active outdoors. City life is in my blood but I must say I'm finding it more & more necessary to enjoy nature. Long as there aren't too many bugs (haha).

Your Current Feel-Good Song:
The Album by Teyana Taylor is a whole mood for me right now. I love her artistry and the visuals that she produced to accompany the songs. It feels like a complete experience to me. I like my music to be a mix of expressionistic art and the commercial these days.

The Apps or Podcasts You've Been Turning To:
Typically it's my Pandora Miranda Curtis gospel station but as of late, Black Twitter has been a guilty pleasure and all the #PValley memes and comments have been a cool way to interact with those that are loving the show. It's a nice way to be interactive with the audience on both the analytical inquiries as well as the social commentaries.

No. 1 Self-Care Tip: 
I'm not afraid to and try to remind myself to take time for myself every day. I make sure I do something that fuels me every day, sometimes that's simply taking a walk outside around the neighborhood.

You Can't Go to Bed Without Doing This:
Talking to my one of my parents daily. It may sound corny, but if nothing else these times are teaching us to cherish what is near and dear to us. I was raised to "honor thy mother and father" and I genuinely love my radical parents. They have made me the man that I am today so I gotta check in on them.

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What Is Making You the Happiest Right Now:
P-Valley. Seeing the manner yielding from the hard work and spiritual obedience is a wave I am thrilled to ride. 

Reading Recommendation:
I'm currently reading The Chiffon Trenches, a memoir by Andre Leon Talley. I had always been intrigued by his story and inspired by his trailblazing legacy. His story is a masterful tapestry that carried a Black, Southern, gay man across the seas and into many rooms "where it happens." Reading about the machinations within the workings of the twisted Alice in Wonderland world of fashion is high drama and an inspirational read for me right now. I'm feeling very connected to his story. 

P-Valley airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Starz.