Meet the Rescue Puppy Who Captured Charles Melton's Heart

After rescuing a dog named Neya, Charles Melton partnered with Purina ONE to encourage others to give pets a forever home.

By Mike Vulpo, Amanda Williams Jul 24, 2020 1:00 PMTags
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Charles Melton has a new best friend!

If you follow the Riverdale star on Instagram, chances are you have spotted the actor traveling with a new dog in recent weeks. But many fans know little to nothing about Charles' new companion—until now. 

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Charles introduced us to his new puppy Neya who has quickly become a huge part of his daily life. 

"She was sheltered in three different homes before I met her before the age of 12 weeks. When I met her, it was a match made in heaven," he shared with E! News. "It's just been pretty spectacular creating a bond with Neya…She's been such a great companion. I call her my daughter."

Charles and his dog wake up around 5 a.m. every morning and start their day in the great outdoors. Neya enjoys hiking and "listening to the birds." And lucky for Charles, his new Siberian husky is "calm and chill."

Celebrity Pets on Instagram

"She sleeps anywhere and everywhere so that encourages me to take naps throughout the day," he joked. "Did she learn this from me or did I learn this from her? We are becoming one person."

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All jokes aside, Charles partnered with Purina ONE to help raise awareness of the shelter pets waiting to find their forever homes.

"A lot of people don't know that there are over six million pets that are in shelter homes. Purina ONE works with shelter homes across the country providing healthy nutritional needs and food for dogs and cats," he shared. "I grew up with a dog. Our family dog was more so my brother than my first pet."

Keep scrolling through to see more photos of the actor and the dog he loves "so much."

Road Trip

For long-distance car rides, you can count on Charles Melton's dog to have a wagging tail in the car. 

Adventure Awaits

"My first born," Charles joked online when exploring Zion Canyon with his four-legged friend. 

Workout Buddies

"She's great with people. She's a rare breed," Charles shared with E! News when raving about his Siberian husky. "She has a personality of a lab. She's so chill."

Wagging Good Time

If Charles had to leave Neya with one Riverdale co-star, the answer is clear. "Drew Ray Tanner," Charles declared. "He knows Neya very well and he is an uncle to Neya...and KJ Apa." 


For any and all new dog owners, Charles has some words of wisdom. "I would say my advice is just to spend every waking moment you can with your companion," he shared. "Love every second of it truly."

Look of Love

If you look into these eyes, all we see is puppy love. 

Welcome to the Gram

"Mans best friend," Charles shared on Instagram after Neya made her Instagram debut. 

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