Jennifer Garner Gets Teary-Eyed While Reflecting On Her Kids' "Year Full of Transitions"

I'm really thinking about my kids," Jennifer Garner said while discussing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in a candid Instagram Live video. "And what their experience is going to be."

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Jennifer Garner is keeping it real.

The Peppermint actress didn't sugarcoat her feelings during an Instagram Live session with yoga and meditation instructor, Chelsea Jackson Roberts.

On Tuesday, the 48-year-old star had a refreshingly honest discussion and opened up about how she and her three kids, whom she shares with ex-husband Ben Affleck, are navigating a new reality amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

"Well, I mean I feel so lucky. I've been in the luckiest possible circumstance," the Alias alum recognized. "I have a roof, I have food, I have health and so does my family. I have no complaints."

"I think right now, what I am experiencing, and a lot of what I am hearing from my girlfriends, and this is trivial in the overall sense of what the world is going through... I'm really thinking about my kids," she expressed. "And what their experience is going to be."

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Jennifer pointed out that her kids, Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and Samuel, 8, are privileged in many ways during the COVID-19 outbreak, most notably because of their access to education.

"They're so lucky to be in schools that offer, you know, we have broadband. So many kids in rural America don't have broadband," the actress said. "We have excellent teachers who can teach over Zoom. That is a one in a million possibility in this world. And yet, it's also a depressing one."

"What is this year full of transitions going to look like for kids, for my family, how can I keep joy in learning for them? Or help them just continue to find their resilience? I think that's where I am today," she continued.


Chelsea praised Jennifer for being transparent and vulnerable about her family's struggles during quarantine.

"I think it's easy to focus on how lucky you are, and that is true. And I do and I am," Jennifer shared, getting teary-eyed. "But you have to also let the other stuff be there at the same time, it has to coexist."

She added, "It is heavy. It's heavy for everyone. And it's just, how do kids in this world not just live in all this heaviness?"

While times have been hard, Jennifer reminded her followers to take care of themselves. With her meditational Instagram Livescooking and baking videos and her moments enjoying a glass of wine, we'll be taking her advice.

Moreover, the actress has remained busy and recently revealed a new project she's apart of. On Tuesday, the National Women's Soccer League announced a professional women's soccer team will be coming to Los Angeles in Spring 2022. At this time, an official name has yet to be released. However, the organization has called itself "Angel City." 

The team is being brought to L.A. by an investor group that includes Natalie Portman, Eva Longoria, Serena Williams, America Ferrera, Jennifer and so many other stars.

"I'm so excited to be on a team with this crew of ladies," Jennifer wrote in an Instagram announcement. "And we cannot wait to share @weareangelcity women's soccer with all of you in 2022!"

Watch Jennifer's latest Instagram Live video above.

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