Hilary Duff Reveals What It's Really Like Social Distancing With Her Husband and Kids

Hilary Duff spoke exclusively to E! News about social distancing with her husband, Matthew Koma, and kids, Luca and Banks.

By Elyse Dupre, Jessica Finn Jul 21, 2020 8:56 PMTags
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Like many people, Hilary Duff has been social distancing amid the global coronavirus pandemic. Over this time, the 32-year-old actress has developed a routine with her husband, Matthew Koma, and kids Luca, 8, and Banks, 21 months. And while the Lizzie McGuire alumna admits "some days are better than others," she also suggests the family of four has found its new "normal."

"I obviously want things to go back to normal, but I'm not going to fight it," Duff exclusively tells E! News. "It's actually become the norm—'here's what we are doing,' you know, 'we're still in this'—and it's not as much of a panic like, 'I can't do it anymore.' Like, we're in this for a while, and I think some days are better than others. It's hard to complain because we have a pool, and a backyard...and we have everything we need. We have food. But everyone's life has changed, so it's definitely still challenging at times."

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One of these changes has been tackling homeschooling. "When school was ending, then I started panicking and I was like, 'How am I going to keep my son entertained all day, you know? Like, now what?'" she recalls. 

However, Duff has found multiple ways to keep the kids busy. "We are doing good," she continues. "We've created obstacle courses in the backyard with hula hoops and pool floats, and we play a lot of Monopoly and we play like crazy. So, we are doing all right." 

She also says it's been great to have some extra family time. "My kids, it was different having them so far apart," she says, "and it's been a beautiful thing to watch my son play with my daughter every day and, like, actually want to, you know? I was worried that they wouldn't have anything in common, but he's so good to her and she's obsessed with him. So, that's been a bonus. I'm not working and as tired as I get by them by the end of the day....there's so many moments where I feel so grateful to watch their bond and have uninterrupted family time."

As for her husband, Duff, who recently helped launch a new beverage called Creative Roots, says the 33-year-old musician is a "good partner."

"We are doing great, and he's the best," she says about Koma, whom she wed in December 2019. "He is so sweet. So, he has his own studio and he goes to work Monday through Friday. He's been really busy right now, obviously, because he can do everything alone. But I'm home all day. So, we came up with this routine where he lets me sleep in, and he does the first three hours with the kids in the morning because he knows, once they see me, they only want me. Literally, none of my friends say that they have the same thing going on in their household. So, I'm really grateful he's super involved. So, it's been great."

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