Morgan Stewart Reveals Exactly How Fiancé Jordan McGraw Proposed

By Allison Crist Jul 20, 2020 6:32 PMTags

Back and better than ever!

E!'s Morgan Stewart made her return to Daily Pop on Monday, and as her co-host Erin Lim pointed out, she was sporting a noteworthy new piece of jewelry: an engagement ring! 

The Nightly Pop co-host announced her engagement to Jordan McGraw on the Fourth of July by posting a photo with the shiny ring on full display, and as she revealed on Daily Pop, the proposal was indeed a surprise.

"Coincidentally, I took this break before I knew anything was happening—everything was a surprise, obviously—so it all lined up perfectly," Morgan explained. "But then people were like, 'When are you coming back to talk about this?'"

She didn't come back alone, though! Jordan himself made a surprise appearance, and both Erin and Scott Tweedie were armed with questions about how the proposal went down. 

"I just want to know, Jordan, how did you manage to surprise this woman who literally knows everything?" Erin asked.

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Jordan's adorable answer? "Well, I've been waiting 10 years to do it."

Even Morgan was impressed, responding, "Aww! That was a good answer. We didn't even practice that!"

The two had been dating for seven months when Dr. Phil McGraw's son proposed, but as Morgan previously revealed, they first began seeing each other over a decade ago. They split after a year together, reunited in 2020 and the rest was history!

Jordan was so eager to propose, he explained, that as soon as he had the ring, "there was no waiting." 

"We were staying at a hotel because we were in the process of moving, and we were sitting outside...and we kind of got into, not a mini-fight, but..." Morgan began before Jordan interjected, explaining that the "fight" was planned. "You gaslighted me a little bit, talking about how I'm going to be a long-term girlfriend. Obviously [I] did not respond well to that and got a little bit upset."

According to Morgan, she said something along the lines of, "I don't know who the hell you think you're with, but this is not a girlfriend for five years."

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Morgan continued, noting that at this point in the argument, Jordan went inside the hotel.

"Then he came back, he said, 'Let's change that. Will you stop being my girlfriend?' and got on one knee," Morgan revealed. "And then he opened the box, and I was like, '100 percent I'm saying yes, regardless if I like you.'"

Yep, the ring was that good! 

"I was also so surprised, genuinely, that I had a lot of emotions," Morgan explained, admitting that she cried. "You did not cry, but you got a little teary."

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"That was my goal—if I got you to cry, it was a win," Jordan said. "The cry was better than the win."

Get more details on the sweet proposal (and the breathtaking engagement ring!) from Morgan and Jordan by watching the complete Daily Pop clip above!