See Kenneth and Armando's Emotional 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Reunion

Exclusive: Get a sneak peek at the moment 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans have been waiting for.

By Chris Harnick Jul 17, 2020 4:06 PMTags

It's the moment 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans—and the stars themselves—have been waiting for: Kenneth has made his way to Armando in Mexico and E! News has your exclusive sneak peek at the reunion.

"This day is something I've wanted and pictured for so long," Armando says in a confessional in the exclusive sneak preview. "I have lots of emotions going through me."

While preparing some food for Kenneth's arrival, Armando says, "I almost feel like I can't breathe."

You can just imagine the butterflies in his stomach.

90 Day Fiancé Couples: Who's Still Together?

Kenneth was on his drive from Florida to Mexico for four days, accompanied by his 16-year-old dog. "I finally see that front door and I know Armando's on the other side of that door waiting for me," Kenneth says. "I've waited for this moment for a very long time and I can't wait to see his face."

The two met online in a social media group for gay dads. Kenneth has been out since he was a teen and had four children with a friend. Armando was married to a woman, had his daughter, Hannah, and his ex-wife died on a car accident. He previously came out to his family, but when they weren't accepting, he went back into the closet. He has since come out to them again as he planned for his move with Kenneth.

"You made my dream come true," Armando says.

"You've made mine," Kenneth says back.

Click play on the video above to see the happy reunion. Below get acquainted with The Other Way couples.

Tim and Melyza

Tim, 34 from Dallas, Texas, met Melyza, a 29-year-old from Colombia, while out at a bar. They hit it off right away while Melyza was working as an au pair in the United States. She planned to move to Texas after dating long distance, but Tim did something to lose Melyza's trust, so to prove his love for her, Tim is moving to Colombia.

Kenneth and Armando

Kenneth, a 57-year-old from St. Petersburg, Florida, met Armando, a 31-year-old from Mexico, through a gay father support group. After realizing their bond was too strong to deny, Kenneth decided to leave everything behind to be with Armando and his daughter in Mexico. But Armando's family is not accepting of his sexuality and they do not know about his relationship.

Ariela and Biniyam

Ariela, a 28-year-old from Princeton, New Jersey, is a recent divorcee who had no plans to fall in love again. Then on a trip around the world, she met Biniyam, a 29-year-old from Ethiopia. She stayed with him for months and found out she was pregnant. She decided to return to Ethiopia so Biniyam could be there, but the living conditions and healthcare system where Ariela will give birth and live with her new family have her and her family nervous for the big move.

Jenny and Sumit

They're back! After the drama around Sumit keeping his arranged marriage a secret from Jenny in season one, Jenny, 61, left India and returned to her family in the United States. Now, she's ready to move back to be with Sumit, 32, who is promising to never lie to her again. Sumit plans to divorce his wife, so now Jenny is heading back to India with hope.

Brittany and Yazan

Brittany, 26, hails from Palm Beach, Florida and is preparing to move across the world to Jordan for Yazan, 24. The two met through a video chat set up by Yazan's sister and felt it was love at first sight. Now, the two must overcome their cultural differences—Yazan is a devout Muslim and Brittany has no plans to convert to Islam—to live happily ever after together. Will Brittany's free spirit rub Yazan's conservative family the wrong way? Plus, Brittany is keeping a secret that could ruin everything.

Deavan and Jihoon

Viewers met Deavan, 23 and Jihoon, 29, in the first season of The Other Way. Now she's ready to fully make the move to South Korea with her two kids, but upon arrival, it's evident the two have many obstacles to overcome, including the language barrier.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs Mondays, 9 p.m. on TLC.