Join E!'s #GlambotChallenge on TikTok! All the Details

Live From E! is the official home of the Glambot, and now you can channel your favorite celebrities with your very own video!

By Allison Crist Jul 17, 2020 7:00 PMTags
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Calling all fashionistas! 

Celebrities are certainly no strangers to red carpets, and every year when it comes time for awards shows like the Oscars, Grammys or Emmys, the A-listers turn out dressed to the nines and strut down the carpet as if it's a runway. Oftentimes, this experience is made even more special when stars score a chance to have a go at E!'s famous Glambot!

For those unaware of what the Glambot is, it's a high-definition, slow-motion camera that gives celebs their style close up. Everyone from Brad Pitt to Lady Gaga has posed for the red carpet fixture, and now it's your turn to show us your moves!

TikTokers have recently begun attempting to recreate the camera's slow-mo effect as part of what's called the #GlambotChallenge, and since Live From E! is the official home of the Glambot, we're taking things up a notch: Participate in the #GlambotChallenge, and you just might end up as part up our upcoming red carpet coverage!

How to Make Your Own Glambot From Home With Lilliana Vazquez

In the above clip, filmmaker and photographer Cole Walliser, the mastermind behind the Glambot, explains additional details about the challenge, and, even better, gives some useful tips.

"There are two key components to make a Glambot a Glambot: number one, slow motion. You need to get a camera that shoots slow motion. Most phones will work," Cole says in the video. "Number two, the camera moves."

He continues, "It's not a Glambot unless the camera moves quickly. You can rig up a camera swing, move it from a selfie stick, get a friend to do it—however you want to do it, the camera has to move."

After following steps one and two, you can zoom in, add music, effects—anything you want!

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As Cole points out in the clip, the coronavirus pandemic has kept a lot us inside, "so this is a great opportunity to get dressed up, do your hair and have some fun with it!"

Your creation can even double as a tool for a birthday or BFF Zoom night—it's up you!

"Most importantly, keep it safe!" Cole adds. 

Lastly, before unveiling his own #GlambotChallenge, Cole makes an exciting proposal: "I can't wait to see all of these videos. Maybe I'll even do a reaction to some of my favorites as we pick which ones get to go on TV!"

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So if you've always dreamt of posing for the iconic camera, now's the time to join the #GlambotChallenge, let your creativity shine and show off how you built your own! Remember not to go too wild (safety first!), and by participating, you just might wind up on E!

Make sure to use #GlambotChallenge and tag both @ColeWalliser and @e_entertainment. See you on the red carpet!