Two and a Half Men's Conchata Ferrell Is on Respirator Following Heart Attack

Conchata Ferrell’s husband updates fans on the Two and Half Men star’s condition after spending more than four weeks in the ICU.

By Mike Vulpo Jul 16, 2020 6:40 PMTags
Conchata FerrellWalter McBride/FilmMagic

Conchata Ferrell was recently transferred to a long-term care facility after spending more than four weeks in the ICU.

According to TMZ, who spoke to Conchata's husband Arnie, the Two and Half Men star initially landed in the hospital back in May. During her stay, the actress suddenly went into cardiac arrest, which lasted for about ten minutes. 

Arnie revealed that his wife is now staying at a treatment center described as a respiratory unit where she is on a respirator and dialysis. 

Arnie speaks with Conchata's nurses frequently for updates but is unable to visit her in person because of Coronavirus guidelines. Visitors are being restricted in hospitals and care centers as a precautionary measure.   

"It's going to be a while before there's any recovery. It's all neurological," Conchata's husband shared with the outlet. "There's nothing we can do to speed it up the process. We are hoping for the best."

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E! News has reached out to Conchata's team for any additional health updates.

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As for what initially brought Conchata to the hospital, TMZ reports the illness was related to an infection she battled at the end of 2019. She was hospitalized in December near Charleston, West Virginia because of a kidney infection.

Conchata has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Erin Brockovich

In fact, she earned Emmy nominations for her performance on L.A. Law and for her role as Charlie Sheen's beloved and quick-witted housekeeper in Two and a Half Men.

"I liked the material very much. I love playing women who have the nerve to do things that I don't have the nerve to do, and Berta is certainly one of those," Conchata previously shared with reporters when recalling the audition process. "So I worked it like they wanted, but I also worked it in my own voice, and I thought to myself, 'You know, this really works better for me in my own voice, so what I ought to do is ask them if I can do it both ways.' So I planned on that. And then I got there, and there were 32 women auditioning for this role. It was supposed to be a two-part arc."

200 episodes later and we'd say her vision for the role was a huge success.