Shahs of Sunset Reunion Preview: See Reza Farahan Get Emotional Over Mike Shouhed

See what Reza Farahan & Mike Shouhed have to say when Andy Cohen brings up the fight the duo supposedly had in this exclusive reunion sneak-peek!

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Setting the record straight!

As Shahs of Sunset fans surely recall, Reza Farahan took the stage at BravoCon in November 2019 and provided updates about where he stood with a number of cast members—including Mike Shouhed, who Reza said he had recently reconciled with. However, as Andy Cohen brings up in this exclusive sneak-peek of the two-part Shahs season 8 virtual reunion, in the months following BravoCon, rumors surfaced that the two hadn't made up, and instead gotten into a "blowout" fight.

"I read that you guys had a big blow up at Bravocon. Is that right?" Andy asks as a headline from All About The Tea appears on screen reading, "EXCLUSIVE: Shahs of Sunset Reza Farahan & Mike Shouhed's EPIC Fight At BravoCon EXPOSED — Mike Called Reza ‘Fat Queen'."

"Categorically false," Reza fires back. "We had no blow out at BravoCon. We had a conversation that got very emotional; both of us cried."

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Mike follows up by providing more details about the incident, which turned out to be the result of an accidental run-in.

"I had stopped at a level on the elevator by accident, and who's there with his coffee is Reza," Mike explains. "And he looks at me, I look at him, I go, 'We need to talk.'"

He notes that the two went back to his hotel room, and after asking his girlfriend Paulina Ben-Cohen to excuse herself, he and Reza "literally cried like two babies."

"It's because I genuinely love him," Mike says after Andy admits that he "loves" when the duo shares such emotional moments. "We've been through a lot together. He's my brother." 

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Mike continues to discuss his friendship with Reza, explaining that they "connected on a deeper level than I could ever put into words or articulate."

"He helped me in a time that I needed it. He was a shoulder I cried on," Mike expresses. "He helped me up...He had conversations with me, he checked in on me. And he was my closest, closest friend."

At this point, a tearful Reza weighs in.

"It wasn't just me that helped him," Reza adds. "He helped me too. He is f--king amazing."

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Bravo's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen: @ Home Shahs of Sunset virtual two-part reunion premieres Sunday, July 19 and Sunday, July 26 at 9 p.m.

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