Demi Moore Blames Ex Bruce Willis for Her Viral Carpeted Bathroom

Demi Moore shared a few pictures of herself recording her podcast in her bathroom last week. The post quickly went viral and fans wanted to know about the carpet, couch and statue in the space.

By Elyse Dupre Jul 15, 2020 12:29 PMTags
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Not everyone has a couch and carpet in their bathroom—but Demi Moore does.

The 57-year-old actress discussed all the attention her loo is getting on Tuesday's episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Last week, the G.I. Jane star shared a few photos of herself recording her podcast, Dirty Diana, in the bathroom. The post quickly went viral, and fans were fascinated by all the details in the space, like the carpet, the couch, the giant statue of Saint Joan of Arc and the mini stuffed animal above the toilet. Social media sleuth Alexis Wilson even dedicated a whole Twitter thread to discussing the stuff in Moore's restroom, which Moore later tweeted had her "whole family howling."

During her interview with Seth Meyers, Moore said the carpet was actually a design decision made by her ex Bruce Willis.

"Actually, because this is the house again that my children grew up in,...that originally was a Bruce Willis choice," she said on the NBC and Peacock program, "not to put it off on him."

The Indecent Proposal celeb also pointed out that she and her family members "live in the mountains, where it gets very cold." She argued that many people put rugs in their bathrooms, too. 

"It's never bothered me," she said in regard to the carpet. "It's actually quite good."

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As for the couch, Moore explained it's "not normally" in her bathroom. She said she only moved it in there because she was working on her podcast for many hours a day, noting that the bathroom provided the best acoustics. She also expressed her disappointment that none of her followers noticed the piece was a "miniature couch."

Overall, Moore said she appreciated the interest in all of her "little oddities."

"This place definitely houses a lot of my treasures, and I have had some big laughs over the comments with my family, who know me well, of all of my eccentricities of small and large," she said before showing off a few more of her unique items. "You know, like my giant tennis ball. Everyone should have one. I highly recommend. [Or,] my giant safety pin."

Watch the video to see Moore's interview.

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