Dianna Agron Remembers Naya Rivera as "My First Friend and Ally" on Glee in Moving Tribute

As Glee co-stars continue to mourns the death of Naya Rivera, one actress shares just some of the unforgettable memories she will “hold onto.”

By Mike Vulpo Jul 14, 2020 5:17 PMTags
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Dianna Agron can't believe one of her closest friends in Hollywood is gone.

As pop culture fans continue to mourn the loss of Naya Rivera, several Glee stars continue to pay tribute to the talented actress on social media.

On Tuesday morning, Dianna (who played Quinn on the FOX series) honored her co-star with a heartfelt message.

"Naya and I fell into stride with such ease, she was my first friend and ally on our show. In the pilot, our characters came and went with such swiftness. Our enthusiasm brimmed with all of the unknown. We tried to grasp what the other cast members must be feeling as we were working in such separate manners. We dared to dream. What if this show worked? Wouldn't that be something?" she wrote. "Something was brimming, it was palpable. And thank god it worked. Naya's magnetic talent was going to be unleashed, we just didn't know it yet."

Dianna says she has been rewatching Naya's performances on Glee. Watching her sing and perform has brought the actress "great joy."

Naya Rivera's Best Glee Performances

"To work with her was a gift. There was a great deal to absorb—her work ethic, her fearlessness, her talent—supreme," Dianna wrote. "Naya had a laugh that would envelop you and hold you captive. She was mesmerizing. That twinkle in her eye, her luminous smile. Naya lead with truth, humor, wit. I loved her for all of these reasons." 

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She continued, "I cannot make sense of this tremendous loss. I will hold onto her and these memories for the rest of time, alongside our Glee family. Please hold space for her, her family, her beautiful boy."

The actress was confirmed dead by authorities on Monday, just five days after she went missing on a California lake. An autopsy will be conducted to confirm a cause of death and a positive identification of Naya's remains will be made through dental records. 

Ultimately, Dianna is just one of many people sharing their fond memories with Naya. On Tuesday morning, Jane Lynch shared a post from her niece that showcased Naya's personality.

⁣"I was an assistant on the Glee tour in 2009 and then I moved to LA in 2010. I ran into Naya at a bar—we hadn't seen each other in a year. I didn't really have any friends in LA yet. She was wearing overalls and a bra. That's it. And she was killing it. Obviously," Meg Doyle wrote. "She said, ‘Let's hang out,' grabbed my phone and punched her number in. And so it began. She took me under her wing. Brought me into her crew. It didn't matter that I was a lowly assistant at the time. When I think of my first four years in Los Angeles, I think of Naya. Being in Naya's presence made me feel larger than life. It was like anxious Megan absorbed Naya's fearless spirit by osmosis."

Meg continued, "When you were around her, you just…bloomed. Anyone in Naya's crew had a feisty, witty 110 pound bodyguard on their side. She always had a mischievous glimmer in her eye and she always knew more than she let on. She was the rock of her family." 

Like so many people in and out of Hollywood, Meg feels "lucky to have known and loved her."