Two's Company, Three's a Crowd in Colt's Hotel Room on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Colt and mom Debbie made their big trip to Brazil on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?.

By Chris Harnick Jul 13, 2020 1:17 PMTags

The Debbie is out of the country: This is not a drill; Debbie left Las Vegas and made her way to Brazil with her son Colt on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season five.

"I want to see what their Walmart looks like," Debbie said.

Debbie admitted to being nervous about going abroad, meanwhile Colt was nervous she'll jeopardize his relationship with new girlfriend Jess. And in Brazil, Jess said she was excited to see Colt again, but her call with Larissa, which she decided to keep secret, was starting to weigh on her.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 5 Couples

Once Colt and Debbie got there, Colt and Jess wasted no time having public displays of affection…while Debbie was right behind them. Debbie was disturbed to learn Colt and Jess already picked out names for possible children. Is she just trying to get pregnant and get a green card? At the hotel, Debbie demanded sleep. She said she needed sleep unless they wanted to take her to the hospital. And at the hotel there was a hitch: Colt only got one hotel room for the three of them. Debbie, likely speaking for the audience at home, said she doesn't want to hear Colt have sex.

In Las Vegas, Larissa got out of her immigration meeting, but is still nervous about her status. She also admitted to being jealous that Colt was in a relationship and she was still single, so she hit up her ex-boyfriend, Eric.

At dinner, she apologized for dumping Eric via text and filing a police report after their split. She received calls and threats and she thought Eric had released her information and said she wanted to protect herself.


Tania and Syngin
Tania seems to have latched on to Syngin having a drinking problem. She told her friend about it while getting their nails done. "It's scaring me more," she said. Tania said she feels stagnant and that they're not on the same page about their future. At dinner together, the tension was on full display. The topic of soulmates came up, again, and Syngin thought they'd be traveling around and not just stuck in America together. He doesn't want to raise kids there. So where do they go from there?

Kalani and Asuelu
After Asuelu ran off, he sent Kalani three false locations. Tired of driving around, she shot back and he finally revealed the hotel location he was in. However, he threatened to get on a bus back to Utah. In order to not ruin his son's birthday, he came back to the rented home with her family…and refused to come out. At the behest of her dad, Asuelu finally did come out to the birthday party. Normally, that would've been handled with his hands, Kalani's dad said, but he used his words this time.

Angela and Michael
This trip is different for Angela: She's going to Nigeria and returning a married woman. Once there, Michael showed off their new apartment, which met almost met Angela's expectations. First, there was the bed, which was "hard as an erection" and then the dead rat in a trap in the kitchen.

Elizabeth and Andrei
Since returning to his homeland, Elizabeth said Andrei has been doing his best to act more like an alpha male. At home with his parents, he told her all the stuff his mother does for the family. But Elizabeth is the one with the job, he's the one who stays home. He said it was "insulting" that she brought that up in front of his parents and maintained he didn't intend any harm by suggesting she do more at home, he just wanted to tell her what life was like in Moldova.

Elizabeth got another window into life there when she went out to drinks with his friends. There, his pals poked fun at his "housewife" status and she spoke to his friends about her sister's arrival and her concerns over whether or not she'll ruffle feathers.

Paul and Karine
In America, Karine wasn't exactly impressed with the life Paul was giving her—and she let him know that. She said he disappoints her a lot, and here they were living in a hotel. She didn't like the state of the car, nor was she pleased she wasn't able to use the bathroom in his parents' house because they took away his keys.

At dinner with his mom, Paul did his best to manipulate her into getting financial help. She called him out on his schemes.

In an attempt to get Karine to see the parks of life in America, he took her to a supermarket and questioned her about whether she needed more pads and tampons. House hunting was another disaster and she called Paul a bad husband.

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