Tyler Cameron Says Life Has Been "Dark" and "Tough" 4 Months After Mom's Death

Bachelor Nation’s Tyler Cameron opens up about his grieving process in a candid post on Instagram. Read his message to fans across the country.

By Mike Vulpo Jul 09, 2020 6:03 PMTags

Grief is not a sign of weakness; It is the price of love. 

More than four months after Andrea Cameron passed away, her son Tyler Cameron is opening up about his journey to healing in a candid Instagram post.

"Life's been dark, life's been tough, life has seemed like a continuous beat down at times lately. One thing after another. But one thing I do know, life is still beautiful and the fight back is what makes it beautiful," he shared with his followers. "My life has been dark ever since I've felt the coldness of death. I ain't been right. Simple as that. There's only one way out into the light and that is to fight, heal, fight, heal and fight some more."

In his Instagram post, the Bachelor Nation member promised that when he fights, he's going to lead with love.

"I will always keep putting a smile on my face no matter how dark of times it is. Because that smile is love and love is light," he shared. "I smile so those around me can smile. I smile because I want you to smile. I love those who support me and those who don't because I'll always lead with love."

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The post quickly received support from friends, fans and members of Bachelor Nation including Colton Underwood, Cassie Randolph and Dylan Barbour.

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Back in March, E! News had learned that Andrea passed away after she suffered from a brain aneurysm. The Florida real estate agent was 55.

Tyler would later reveal his mom's final good deed while in the hospital.

"Our mother was the ultimate servant. She gave us her all until she had nothing more she could give. So we thought," he previously shared on Instagram. "Our mother gave the ultimate gift when she passed away. She was able to give more life. She was able to donate her liver and give someone another opportunity."

Tyler continued, "In this very trying time for us all, we needed any positivity we could get. What helped us so much through this tough time was the hopes that our mother could give more life to someone else."