Outlander's Claire and Jamie Share a Loving Moment Over Mold In Deleted Scene

Exclusive: Outlander's Claire and Jamie bond over some potentially life-saving mold in cute deleted scene from the upcoming season 5 Blu-ray

By Lauren Piester Jul 09, 2020 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Exclusive: "Outlander" Deleted Scene

Only a couple like Claire and Jamie could have a lovely little intimate moment over a bunch of mold. 

For everyone suffering the droughtlander once again, E! News has a little deleted scene from season five to help tide you over, from back when Claire (Caitriona Balfe) was trying to figure out how to make Penicillin. Jamie (Sam Heughan) is not so thrilled to find out that lifesaving medicine is made out of mold.

"That was mold you put in my ass?!" he says. 

Yep, and it saved his life. Claire is hoping to save many other lives by figuring out Penicillin on her own, and Jamie's happy to let her.

"Grow all the mold you want, sassenach." 

How on earth did Sam Heughan make that sentence so sexy? 

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You can find this deleted scene and more later this fall when the Outlander Season 5 Collector's Edition Blu-ray comes out ion September 15, along with the regular Blu-ray and DVD versions, which will allow you to catch up with Claire and Jamie and their family on some seriously daring adventures and near-death moments. 

Season six is on its way to Starz, with everybody in a sort of recovery mode after Claire's assault at the end of season five, though we will likely have to wait quite a while. 

While Heughan and Balfe have said that work had begun on season six, the pandemic has caused most productions to temporarily shut down. Luckily we've got the Blu-ray to look forward to in the meantime!