Ayesha Curry Dishes on Gabrielle Union's Relationship Advice, Keeping Fit in Quarantine & More!

By Allison Crist Jul 08, 2020 11:07 PMTags

As Ayesha Curry put it, she's not exactly "managing" being quarantined with her and Stephen Curry's three kids—"it's just happening," she laughed while catching up with E!'s Justin Sylvester on the latest Daily Pop.

It certainly doesn't help that, according to the 31-year-old celebrity chef, July is the "busiest month" for the Currys.

"All of [the kids'] birthdays are in July. Our anniversary is in July...and so we're just in the thick of celebrating and finding the bright spots in life right now amidst all the chaos," she said.

As fans surely recall, it was revealed a few months ago—when Ayesha and Steph joined friends Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union for an Instagram Live—that if Ayesha would've followed Gabrielle's advice back in the day, she might not be celebrating her wedding anniversary this month!

"I was like, 'You guys, the likelihood of this working out is very low and you should just break up now and have sex with other people,'" Gabrielle confessed. "I used a little bit more different language but is that not what I told y'all both?"

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Justin brought up the hilarious moment on Daily Pop, and Ayesha responded, "You know Gab. Gab is silly!"

"I think it's so funny how serious people took that. She was totally joking," Ayesha explained. "Second of all, you know, at the time, she wasn't wrong. We were two little kids. We weren't even engaged yet, we were dating. It was just her sisterly advice of how she felt...We were at a party; the drinks were flowing."

She continued, reassuring anyone who took the revelation to heart, "It's fine, you guys. It's fine! We're obviously married now, celebrating our nine-year wedding anniversary in a couple weeks. And it's great!"

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Even with the madness of all of this month's celebrations, Ayesha revealed that she's more motivated than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle

"I would always do a little bit here and there in between having my kids—'cause they're all three years apart, almost to the day—and I always said, 'When we have our last baby, I'm going in, I'm going hard,'" she said on Daily Pop. "And so I started just coming up with a routine and finding what my version of balance was."

Recently, Ayesha even teamed up with Fitbit to share the diet and exercise tips that work for her. 

"I'm not an expert. I'm a mom. I'm just trying to figure this out myself and I feel like there's not a lot of approachable non-expert 'work out with me' type content, so I'm excited to be on the Fitbit premium app and do that."

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