Here's Why Gwyneth Paltrow Got Her 14-Year-Old Son a "Boob Puzzle"

Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed the gift she recently got her 14-year-old son. Get the details on the "boob puzzle" present.

By Jess Cohen Jul 08, 2020 12:01 PMTags
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Gwyneth Paltrow's son recently received a very interesting present from his mom.

In a new Goop blog post, entitled "Summer at Home," the Oscar winner shared how her family is spending their time amid the Coronavirus pandemic. "Home is where the heart is. Right now, it's also where the work, dates, entertainment, and summer vacation are," Paltrow wrote. "I've reset my course a bit to embrace this new normal, and after three and a half months, I've found hacks that make WFH a little less taxing, tips for combating recipe fatigue, ways to move my body and quiet my mind and make sheltering in place feel like a holiday without ever stepping foot on a plane."

Paltrow, who shares kids Apple Martin, 16, and Moses Martin, 14, with ex-husband Chris Martin, went on to list her must-have at-home items, including a few board games.

"There's been a lot of Trivial Pursuit happening at the house. And I got Moses the boob puzzle just for fun," Paltrow wrote, referencing Jiggy's 450-piece puzzle. The puzzle, designed by artist Julia Heffernan, is available for $40 on the company's website. And, according to reviews, it's a total hit with customers.

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Paltrow also shared with Goop readers how she and husband Brad Falchuk are spending time together during quarantine.

"As far as workouts go, I've been streaming Bulldog Yoga, CorePower Yoga, The Class by Taryn Toomey, and Tracy Anderson, and I've been going for walks every day or every other day with Brad to get fresh air and a little sunshine," the 47-year-old star wrote.

And as for meals, Paltrow said that she's "cooking somewhere between one and three meals a day."

"On Sunday or Monday, I'll make a great salad dressing (blue cheese, miso, or a French dressing) and a batch of sweet potatoes and roasted beets to use throughout the week," she shared. "Brad eats the sweet potatoes as a snack every day, and we put them into a smoothie or make a hash."

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Paltrow also shared new items that she's added to her grocery shopping list.

"One of the benefits of having to wait in line before entering a grocery store is that you don't rush through the experience anymore," Paltrow told Goop readers. "Apple and I have been discovering new-to-us products and are finding simple pleasure in seasonal fruit, like cherries and peaches."

She added, "We've been really into Bambucha's Hibiscus Rose Kombucha. Califia Farms almond milk creamer with coconut milk is a morning game changer."

For more on Paltrow's at-home essentials, head on over to Goop.