YouTuber Brennen Taylor Apologizes for Past "Insensitive Jokes"

YouTuber Brennen Taylor apologizes to fans in a lengthy social media post about the “insensitive jokes” he previously made online

By Mike Vulpo Jul 04, 2020 11:44 PMTags
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Brennen Taylor is apologizing to his fans.

On Fourth of July, the YouTube star took to Twitter to address controversial footage that has resurfaced from when he was a teenager.

"I've noticed that some of my old tweets and videos from when I was 16 have re-surfaced online…I want to own up and take accountability for the vocabulary I used to use and the insensitive jokes I used to make," he shared with his followers. "Looking back at who I was and how reckless I was with the things I posted for everyone to see…for what? A laugh? Well they weren't funny and I am so sorry."

Brennen continued, "Who I was then, is not in any way a reflection of who I am now. I've learned from my mistakes and I'm continuing on the path to becoming a better me. Even if these words/actions were used jokingly, I never stopped to think, ‘Could these words hurt someone?' and for that, I am truly sorry. Today, I use my platform as an ally and I will continue to fight and be the voice for everyone no matter your race, sexuality, gender or anything!" 

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While he doesn't address any specific video or message, some social media users pointed to a YouTube video that showcases some of his controversial moments online.

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In his statement, Brennen also addressed "the accusations about me." While he didn't elaborate on specifics, he said they were "100% false with hard evidence proving that."

"I have held back from speaking about this because 1. I didn't want to put my energy towards lies and negativity and 2. It was cleared up in the past already with an admission from her that it was a lie…and an admitted extortion plan from her friend," he shared. "This is an attempt to assassinate my character. I won't allow this to be brushed over. This is all I will say on this subject."

The 25-year-old, who has 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube said he will be taking a break from Twitter. 

He also wanted to thank his loyal followers who have stood by him.

"I would like to thank my fans who have stuck by me. I do and will forever appreciate you. I know who you are and I am sorry this took me a little while to post," he shared. "I've been spending less time on social media and more time reflecting and growing my relationship with my family."

Brennen continued, "I plan to use these valuable life lessons and apply them to my everyday life. I am human and I have made mistakes. I thank you for understanding. I am dedicated to doing better."