Try Not to Laugh Watching Joel McHale Attempt a TikTok Dance on Celebrity Game Face

By Allison Crist Jul 06, 2020 6:58 PMTags
Watch: Watch Joel McHale Hilariously Do TikTok Dances

Are TikTok dances supposed to be this funny?

Celebrity Game Face is almost here, and by looks of this sneak-peek, it's going to be absolutely hilarious. 

In the clip from tonight's episode, two contestants—Joel McHale and his wife, Sarah—are competing in a game known as "TikTalk," in which one person watches and verbally describes a TikTok dance, while the other has to carry out the moves using only their partner's directions. 

Host Kevin Hart was able to recruit dancers Allison Holker and Stephen "tWitch" Boss to judge the competition, and before Joel can even begin, the latter warns him that his shorts "might betray" him.

However, round one goes smoothly!

Sarah instructs Joel to make "a big shark," with his arms, and when he does, tWitch responds, "Nailed it!"

Joel continues to garner points, but when it comes time to mimic a TikTok dance move that resembles riding a horse, his fellow contestants—Terry Crews and his wife, Rebecca, along with Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams—can't help but make fun of him.

Kevin Hart Hosts as Celeb Couples Battle It Out on "Celebrity Game Face"

"Woah, woah...what you doing?" Terry yells. "It's TikTok, not DickTok!"

Joel's dancing becomes even more funny when his dog attempts to join the fun. 

"Am I doing it?" the comedian asks while still going. 

Of course, Kevin couldn't help but comment on Joel's moves, too. 

"Joel, on the last one, hat was that?" he asks seriously. "In your mind, what were you doing?"

Catch even more hilarious celebrity hijinks on tonight's premiere at 10 p.m.!