This Video of a Child Crashing Her Mom's Live TV Interview Is an Instant Hit

If you're a parent working from home, you'll definitely be able to relate to this viral live TV moment.

By Samantha Schnurr Jul 02, 2020 4:18 PMTags
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If it wasn't already hard for parents to work from home, try doing it while simultaneously being interviewed on live TV. 

Such was the case for this mom, Dr. Clare Wenham, an Assistant Professor in Global Health Policy, who appeared on BBC News in a live remote interview seemingly from her home. However, Wenham wasn't alone as she spoke with host Christian Fraser about local lockdowns in England amid the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, her young daughter Scarlett could be seen behind her, preoccupied with which shelf to place her unicorn artwork. 

After offering Fraser thorough context on the subject, he couldn't ignore the little one in the background. "What's your daughter called?" he asked her. 

"She's called Scarlett," the smiling mom replied. 

"Scarlett, I think it looks better on the lower shelf," he told her with a laugh. "And it's a lovely unicorn."

However, that wasn't the end of the conversation for the youngster. After asking her mom on live TV what Fraser's name is, she told the anchor, "I'm just deciding where it can go, where mummy wants it to go."

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Wenham answered her daughter's question and apologized to Fraser, who was understanding. 

"This is the most informative interview I've done all day," he quipped. 

The moment, which was reminiscent of other viral live TV interruptions from children, was a light-hearted and comforting reminder of the realities of this challenging time. 

"This is how real life looks like," one tweet acknowledged. 

Another pointed out, "This has been my life (and that of thousands of other parents, I guess) for the last 4 months."

Echoing fellow tweets, another person applauded, "Wonderful to see the realities of homeworking for parents. And thank you to the presenter for making it OK and for talking to the child too."