10 Actors You Forgot Were on Frasier

With stars like Tony Goldwyn, Ted Danson and even Bill Gates making an appearance on the show, plenty of famous faces made Frasier home for an episode or two.

By Kelsey Klemme Jul 16, 2020 3:00 PMTags
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It's time to tune back into KACL 780!

In case you hadn't heard yet, NBC's new streaming service Peacock launched yesterday and you'll be able to re-experience Frasier in all of its glory as one of the many shows available to stream.

That means that we're reuniting with Frasier, Niles, Daphne, Martin and more to relive all of the hilarious moments from the series' successful 11-season run.

However, while we're excited to see Kelsey Grammer back in his therapist chair, on a rewatch you may notice this time around how many famous faces briefly made an appearance on the Emmy-winning show!

Of course stars like Ted Danson, Shelley Long and Woody Harrelson stopped by—after all, the Seattle-based show is a spin-off of Cheers—but you'll also be delighted to see celebrities like a pre-Scandal Tony Goldwyn or even tech titan Bill Gates as characters on the critically acclaimed sitcom.

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In honor of the series coming to Peacock, we've rounded up the 10 best guest stars to have been on the show.

Check them out below!

Ted Danson

Frasier was a spin-off of another successful show, Cheers, so it was exciting when the sister show's cast members made an appearance, including star Ted Danson as barowner Sam Malone.

Shelley Long

Another Cheers star, Shelley Long's Diane, the bar's popular if condescending waitress, swung through the sister show, too.

Woody Harrelson

The Cheers bartender was on Frasier in a season six episode that taught Frasier he had moved on from his former life.

Teri Hatcher

The Desperate Housewives star plays Marie, who Frasier dates until he starts to suspect she's in their relationship for the free psychiatry advice.

Bill Gates

Widely considered the show's most fun guest star, the tech titan appeared on an episode as a version of himself who, once Frasier's audience realizes is at the radio station, has to handle a flood of calls from listeners as to how to install their Windows software.

Tony Goldwyn

While he only was featured in one episode, Tony Goldwyn's character Roger made a big impact on the show as Roz Doyle's (Peri Gilpin) boyfriend. Initially, Roz was embarrassed by Roger's profession as a garbage man, but realized he was a great partner when she saw how sweet he was with her daughter.

While the characters eventually broke up, Roger was often referred to off-camera past Goldwyn's episode, and the charisma he channeled into the part was present again when we saw him as one of the main characters in Scandal.

Rita Wilson

The iconic actress played Frasier's mom and also had a short stint in the same role in Cheers.

Laura Linney

The actress plays Charlotte, one of Frasier's more lovable girlfriends, and serves as a major plot point of the show's finale as when Frasier leaves Seattle, it's revealed he is going to Chicago to try to win her back and have his happily-ever-after.

Patrick Stewart

The X-Men alum plays Alistair Burke, an opera director who has an unrequited romantic interest in Frasier.

Michael Keaton

The A-lister plays Blaine Sternin, Frasier's ex-wife's half-brother who is wheelchair-bound, and who Frasier suspects of pulling a con on everyone.

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Peacock is live now! Check out NBCU's streaming service here.