Check Out David Schwimmer's Best Roles Ahead of His New Peacock Show, Intelligence

From making us laugh as Ross Gellar on Friends to enthralling us as a lawyer in The People v. O.J. Simpson, David Scwhimmer has played many roles we have loved over the years.

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As one of the most iconic sitcom actors of all time thanks to his role as Ross Gellar on Friends, there is no doubt that you've seen at least one David Schwimmer performance that has brought a smile to your face.

However, while playing Rachel's affable love interest may be our personal favorite, the actor has also played many roles showcasing his range that are also proof of how talented the performer is.

Whether it's his memorable guest star roles, like an environmentally conscious jerk on 30 Rock,, or his compelling roles like the late, famed lawyer Robert Kardashian in American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, Schwimmer's talents have allowed him to embody a wide range of amazing parts.

The best part is that the actor will be found in the new Peacock original series Intelligence, which will be available to stream once the service launches on July 15.

In the workplace comedy, Schwimmer will be playing NSA agent Jerry Bernstein who joins a UK cyber-security team and threatens their ability to get the job done with his pompous attitude.

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In honor of his latest role, we're taking a look at all of his best that have come before it.

Check out David Schwimmer's best performances below!

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The Wonder Years

David Schwimmer got his start as an actor when he appeared on the long-running TV series as Michael. While Schwimmer was only in four episodes, he made a big impact as his character marries Karen and the two run off to Alaska together.


Of course, we all know Schwimmer from Friends, where he played Ross Gellar for the show's whopping 236 episodes and gave us some of the best moments from the series like his sweet relationship with Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) and hilarious ones like needing to, "Pivot!"

The show made all six of its recurring actors into stars and we can't wait to see them reunite for the HBO Max Friends reunion, rumored to film later this summer.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Schwimmer had a memorable recurring bit in Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm as a fictionalized version of himself.

In the episodes, he is cast in across Larry David in a Broadway production of The Producers, only to clash against David's character when he learns David isn't a big fan of his dad's cashews and raisins trail mix.


In 2005, Schwimmer was cast as the voice actor in Madagascar for Melman, a neurotic giraffe who is always worried he's dying. Schwimmer also voiced the role for the movie's two sequels.

30 Rock

Schwimmer guest starred as a hilarious character who is recruited by Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) to be NBC's newest environmental mascot, Greenzo.

Initially, Greenzo is a cute way for the network to promote green initiatives, but soon Schwimmer's character goes off-the-rails and starts bashing the network and its executives in TV interviews, resulting in one of 30 Rock's best guest appearances.

Big Nothing

This dark comedy is a little off-the-rails but it's a also campy fun. Schwimmer stars as Charlie and joins his friend Gus (Simon Pegg) to blackmail a reverend for money and it quickly spirals out of control.

American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ

In this Emmy-award winning retelling of the OJ Simpson trial, Schwimmer took on the role of playing the late Robert Kardashian, who was a part of the dream team of lawyers that represented Simpson.

Feed the Beast

While the Amazon show only ran for one season, Feed the Beast still gave us a great look at Schwimmer in a different role than we're used to by casting him as Tommy Moran, an alcoholic and former sommelier giving his life dream of opening a restaurant one last go.

Will & Grace

After the iconic sitcom was rebooted, we got to Schwimmer join the cast for seven episodes as Noah, a single father who was Internet famous for a moody Twitter account that he ran.

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