Mythbusters' Adam Savage Denies His Sister's Sexual Abuse Allegations

Adam Savage has being accused of "repeatedly" sexually abusing his younger sister, Miranda Savage Pacchiana, starting when she was just 7 years old and he was 9

By Pamela Avila Jul 01, 2020 12:35 PMTags
Adam SavageCraig Barritt/Getty Images

Note: The following story contains sensitive information that may not be suitable to all readers.

Mythbusters host Adam Savage has being accused of "repeatedly" sexually abusing his younger sister, Miranda Savage Pacchiana, starting when she was just 7 years old and he was 9, lawsuit documents obtained by E! News state. 

"Beginning in or about 1976 and continuing until approximately 1979, Adam Savage, would repeatedly rape Miranda Pacchiana and force oral sex upon her, and forced Miranda to perform oral sex on him, along with other forms of sexual abuse," the lawsuit documents read. 

The claims against Adam continued, "[Miranda] was approximately between seven and ten years old and horrified and traumatized by the sexual abuse and assault that her older brother inflicted upon her." At the time of the alleged sexual abuse, Adam was between nine and twelve years old. 

According to the lawsuit, Miranda states that her older brother called him "the raping blob" and masked the abuse as a game between siblings. 

"Adam Savage would prevent [Miranda] from leaving her bed and would anally rape her," the documents read, adding that Miranda brings this "lawsuit to recover for the emotional and physical suffering she incurred and to make sure that no other child is forced to suffer the abuse and physical and mental trauma she felt and continues to feel."

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Miranda, who filed the lawsuit under the New York Child Victims Act, is seeking unspecified damages for the abuse she said left her "serious and several psychological injuries and emotional distress, mental anguish, embarrassment and humiliation." 

Her brother, Adam, is denying the sexual abuse allegations. 

In a statement to E! News, Adam said, "While I hope that my sister gets the help she needs to find peace, this needs to end. For many years, she has relentlessly and falsely attacked me and other members of my family to anyone that will listen." 

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"By spreading numerous untrue stories about us in pursuit of a financial bonanza, she has tortured our entire family and estranged herself from all of us," the statement continued. "I will fight this groundless and offensive lawsuit and work to put this to rest once and for all." 

Adam and Miranda's mother Karen Savage told E! News in a statement, "It makes me very sad to say this, but my daughter suffers from severe mental health challenges, and it's devastating that she's putting Adam and our entire family through this. Adam is a good man, and I support him completely." 

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According to Variety, Miranda also took to her blog to publish a statement, "As a child, this experience shook my sense of safety and crushed my self-confidence. For decades afterward, I dealt with periods of depression and near-constant anxiety. The public needs to know that Adam Savage sexually abused me when I was a child, as set forth in the lawsuit that I have finally been able to bring after all of these years."

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