Cardi B Fires Back After Being Called Homophobic and Transphobic

Cardi B slammed an allegation online that she is homophobic and transphobic and fired back after a rapper accused her of stealing lyrics.

By Samantha Schnurr Jun 30, 2020 3:59 PMTags
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The clapbacks continue for Cardi B

After firing back just days ago at Twitter claims she'd been "canceled," the Grammy-winning rapper has now slammed accusations of homophobia and transphobia waged against her online amid Pride Month. 

The situation began on Monday when a tweet pointed out the star is mentioned in an episode of Hulu's Love, Victor, which centers on a high school student struggling with his sexual orientation. "Thats crazy, considering the woman is homophobic and transphobic," a critic replied in a tweet

Cardi did not take the allegation lightly as she slammed the comment, writing back, "How the fuvk am i homophobic or transphobic?have you been to a carribean island where you really see homophobia! Have you dealt with a parent that can't accept you for your sexuality?i said some ignorant things b4 that apologized for & educated myself on it don't mean I'm homo.." The 27-year-old performer has previously said she's had "experiences" with women

She continued, "Ya keep using that same 1 video that I apologize for over & over again to call me homophobic & transphobic 1 but never post about the ones where I support the LGBT community which are multiples and the multiple tweets I posted in support."

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"And I don't support the LGBT community because I have 'gay fans,'" Cardi clarified. "I support because of the confused feelings I had growing up on is it normal to like girls? I support because I know how hard it was for my gay cousin to come out to his very strict Dominican family...I support because I know the pain my cousin from my mom side which is a Tran " have a f--ked up relationship with her dad for years ! I support because I seen the transitions & the feelings my glam team having during their time with they body transition & my sister...Coming out to my mom & dad religious people as gay."

"So before ya make it cool to call me homophobic & transphobic," she concluded, "learn what those words mean and research my encouragement to the LGBT community b4 ya motherf--kers even knew who was CardiN."

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The Twitter drama continued for Cardi into the early hours of Tuesday as she feuded with rapper and TikTok personality Dela Wesst after Wesst alleged Cardi stole her lyrics for "Clout" from Wesst. 

In their back and forth on Twitter, Cardi retorted, "Second of all you dumb bitch you ranting for day cause you claim I stole lyrics from you on clout .I WROTE THIS SONG IN JANUARRYYY ! You show me you did your clout song in January bitch you might have a chance.I rhyme clout with Oscar the grouch bitch is not farfech it RHYMES!"

Around 4:30 a.m. ET, after they continued to criticize each other's tweets, Cardi bid temporary farewell to the Internet. 

"That was fun! ...I'm getting off the internet for a couple days see ya when I see yaaa," she told fans