Black-ish Star Marsai Martin Shuts Down Criticism of Her BET Awards Appearance

Marsai Martin might be a teenager, but she's wise beyond her years! The actress and producer shut down online trolls who criticized her appearance during the 2020 BET Awards.

By Alyssa Morin Jun 30, 2020 12:31 AMTags
Marsai Martin, BET

Marsai Martin is not here for the foolishness.

On Sunday night, the Black-ish star made a special appearance for the virtual 2020 BET Awards. During the remote ceremony, the teenage actress and producer presented the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist award to Megan Thee Stallion

In addition, Marsai won the Young Stars Award.

However, shortly after signing off the virtual ceremony, online trolls began criticizing Marsai's appearance—specifically, many seemed to comment on her hair and teeth.

The Little actress quickly shut down the internet trolls with glorious responses on Twitter and Instagram.

"Sorry some of y'all don't like my hair. Or teeth ... which are my actual teeth btw. Good thing I don't put my effort into trying to please everyone," she wrote, following the online judgement surrounding her looks. "I like it. Chile I'm 16 this year, let me live. I'm trying to stay sane in quarantine. Enjoy the #BETAwards."

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On Instagram, Marsai uploaded a one-minute video calling out the same people who commented on her appearance.

"So, I was on Twitter and a lot of people have been addressing my hair or talking about my hair, and how it looks like a 'grandma's wig.' And they're talking about my veneers and this don't look like a veneer to me," she said, as she pulled out her retainer.

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"I'm sorry to anyone I've offended or haven't gotten to your expectations about how I'm supposed to be. I apologize. I never want to hurt anyone's feelings or have anyone worry about what my decisions are," she continued, pretending to cry as she used a $100 bill to wipe away her fake tears.

Joking aside, she left her 2.4 million Instagram followers with one important message.

"Y'all we are in quarantine and we have more important things to focus on than my hair," she closed. "Justice for Breonna Taylor."

Despite everything, Marsai took a moment to thank the BET Awards for continuing to celebrate and honor Black creatives.

"Thank you @betawards for recognizing myself and my peers. Young Black performers are overlooked by most major awards shows, so I am able to look forward to the BET Awards and the Image Awards to lift up our talented youth performers," she captioned her Instagram post. "I appreciate every vote and ounce of support. I am so blessed to be able to do what I love and live out my dreams. I have been acting professionally for 10 years, and am still at the very beginning of this journey."

"Being in the public eye, allows people to feel entitled to talk about you like you are a THING instead of a PERSON," she continued. "I'd like to remind folks that when we ask for the police to treat us with respect and to respect our humanity, it has to start with US first. At least until I'm grown and cuss y'all weirdos out properly."

Marsai might be a teenager, but she's certainly wise beyond her years!

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