Bachelor Nation's Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick Share Their "Biggest Issues" in Their Relationship

Bachelor Nation stars Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick opened up about wha they considered to be the "biggest issues" of their relationship in a candid interview on Whine Down.

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Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick are opening up.

The Bachelorette stars sat down with Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin for Monday's episode of Whine Down and talked about their relationship, including what they consider to be their "biggest issues."

"I like things a certain way and I feel like, even with dogs, I have this motherly instinct and I feel like sometimes Jason can't do things right, where I'm like, ‘How do you not know to do that?'" she shared. "I feel like that's gonna be when we have kids, that I'm going to need to be aware of how hard I am on you because I'm gonna think, like, I have motherly instincts and I know what to do and I'm gonna worry about how you're gonna do it." 

Chiming in, Tartick added, "Kaitlyn's like instinct, I'm by the book. You can't say something and then do the other. And also, you can't just come up with these hypotheses of what makes sense to you when, literally, you can do research that everything in the world tells you that's not the truth."

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"So, we get into a lot of arguments of, like, what is right or wrong for the dogs," he continued. "I think that's where we're both hard-nosed with where we believe on certain things. Like, you'll be like, ‘You always think you're right.' And I'll be like, ‘Well, you say that.' But we do find ways to comprise. Because if you can't compromise, it's not gonna work. So, it's gotta be give and take and you pick and choose your battles—that's what I've learned at least."

Still on the topic of the issues they face as a couple, Tartick admitted that there's one thing that Bristowe does that gets under his skin.

"I think the biggest thing with Kaitlyn that I work on is that, I think I think very logically and rationally and I'm not extremely emotional—and it's okay to be emotional—the big thing is that I've learned to cope with things really well," the Bachelor Nation star began. "So, something happens and I'm like, ‘Okay, I'm gonna deal with my feelings. I'm gonna cope and find a way to solve,' right?...Kaitlyn doesn't cope very well and that drives me crazy."

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Despite their shortcomings, Bristowe shared that she feels more "safe" in her relationship with Tartick than she has in previous relationships.

"Previous relationships to this one, it's so wild how different I am because I feel safe," she expressed. "I've never felt safe in a relationship until this relationship so, I deal with conflict different and insecurities differently because I don't question him leaving me or, like, get all insecure; I feel safe and loved so I feel all of my insecurities differently now."