Cardi B Claps Back After Learning She's Being "Cancelled" on Twitter

Cardi B has a message for her haters who tried to cancel the rapper on Twitter. Listen to her response to the #CardiBIsOverParty trend.

By Mike Vulpo Jun 25, 2020 7:35 PMTags
Watch: Cardi B Claps Back After Being "Cancelled" on Twitter

Haters are Cardi B's motivators.

On Thursday morning, the rapper woke up to the news that #CardiBIsOverParty was trending on Twitter. In no time, the Grammy winner took to her social media and reacted to the news. 

"I woke up and I'm seeing that they're trying to make ‘Cardi B Is Cancelled Party.' I'm like what the f--k. I'm not doing anything," she shared. "So now I see these people I guess are editing or they're claiming I have a fake Instagram. I don't know, these people must think that I'm a 15-year-old girl."

She also addressed posts that claimed she was feuding with Ariana Grande on the alleged Instagram. According to Cardi B, it's just not the case because the Instagram in question is fake. 

"Ariana Grande? I don't even have a problem with her," the "I Like It" rapper declared. "Why would I ever talk about her? I like her music. I don't know."

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Cardi B continued, "If I had issues with anybody, my team wouldn't even talk to nobody that I have issues with. I don't even have issues with any of these girls… Don't make lies about me. It's tiring. It's annoying."


Later on in the morning, #CardiBIsComing and #WeLoveYouCardi began trending proving the rapper still has plenty of fans on her side.

"I'm seeing so much love from, not only my fans, but just random people that are not fan account pages, are just having my back and realizing how f--ked people could do certain s--t. It's crazy how that s--t backfired on the devil," she shared in a separate tweet. "I'm so thankful, I'm so grateful for you guys. Thank you for making those other hashtags trend."

After trying to understand all the hashtags, Cardi proceeded to let fans know that she was going back to bed. She also promised to follow new fan pages who were quick to defend her online.

"I do feel really powerful. The fact that I haven't dropped music in 8 months. I haven't announced none of the projects I been workin on. All I been doing is eating food & people have to make fake edits to cancel me," she wrote online. "It makes me feel like IM THAT BITCH!"