2000s Rewind: Watch Early E! Interviews With Britney Spears, Destiny's Child & More Up-and-Comers

Celebrate E!’s 30th anniversary by reliving interviews with ‘00s divas like Christina Aguilera and Mandy Moore!

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Watch: Britney, Beyonce & More Pop Divas of the 2000s: E! News Rewind

This June, E! turns 30! To celebrate we're looking back at the most monumental moments in pop culture.

The '00s birthed some of the biggest pop divas on the planet.

We're talking Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, the ladies of Destiny's Child and more. However, these women weren't always powerhouse singers in the industry. In fact, many of these iconic artists started off as mere up-and-comers!

In honor of E!'s 30th anniversary, we're looking back at these performers' earliest E! News interviews, where they dished about their big breaks, rising fame and more.

First up is "Genie in the Bottle" singer, Christina Aguilera! According to the future Burlesque actress, her big break came about thanks to Disney's Mulan.

Namely, the impressive belter landed the animated film's iconic anthem, "Reflection."

"It all started with the Mulan soundtrack and getting the song 'Reflection' on the Mulan soundtrack," Aguilera notes in the interview above. "It was called the note that changed my life, 'cause I had to belt the high E above middle C for the soundtrack."

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As Aguilera details, "Reflection" has a "huge, wide range," so she recorded herself singing Whitney Houston's "Run to You" in her bathroom and sent that to executives.

"The next day, I get a phone call back from the Disney people saying that they want me to come fly out to L.A., like the next day, and audition," she continues. "So, I did that and I got the job, like right on the spot."

Not only did Aguilera land "Reflection," she also scored her record deal that same week.

Next up, the E! clip delivers a revamped Destiny's Child, having previously been a foursome vocal group. In the footage above, Beyonce Knowles, alongside Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, expresses excitement to be performing alongside 'N'Sync, Sisqó, Pink and others at Fox's Summer Music Mania.

"For us to be on the same stage with all of those wonderful artists, says a lot," Jay-Z's future wife relays. "And that audience, that crowd, that's like the best crowd we've had in so long. Gosh, it was wonderful!"

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The girl group also gushes about having the theme song for the '00 Charlie's Angels film.

"And we actually have the theme song for the Charlie's Angels soundtrack," Knowles adds. "And it's three Charlie's Angels, so now it's three Destiny's children."

Although Williams wishes past members "the best," she says the vocal group has "a breath of fresh air" and "no negativity."

Around this time, another young artist was finding success in the music industry: Mandy Moore. Known for her sugary sweet hit, "Candy," Moore cemented her place in pop history.

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"It's moving fast and it is the beginning, hopefully, you know, not the end," she quips in the resurfaced interview. "I love how people just describe it as a rollercoaster, 'cause some days are like, 'Whoa!'"

Although Moore describes fame as a "never-ending rollercoaster," she can't help but gush about making a music video.

"In a perfect world, this is how I want to express the song to you guys," she concludes.

Shockingly, a 2001 Alicia Keys reveals she doesn't consider herself famous, despite being recognized on the street.

"It's just very much the same for me," Keys states. "People when they do come up to me, they come up to me with the utmost respect. They thank me, they ask me for an autograph, they ask me for a picture and they just reinforce the fact that I'm very happy to be doing what I'm doing."

Per the "Fallin'" singer, her focus "is not to anticipate the commercial reaction."

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"I always thought and hoped that people would love it, you know, because I loved it, doing it I loved it," she adds. "I wanted to talk about topics that, hopefully, people would identify with and feel."

Another artist proud to discuss their work is none other than Britney Spears. In 1999, the Mickey Mouse Club alum credits "hard work" and "promotion" for her rising success.

"I think if it's a good song, it'll work anywhere," the "...Baby One More Time" songstress notes. "And that's the kind of songs that I wanted on the album. You know, just songs that I can relate to and, hopefully, everyone else can too."

Furthermore, Spears says she "wouldn't change my life for anything right now."

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Speaking of Spears, Jessica Simpson finds herself compared to the chart topper in the video above.

"Well, Britney's very successful and she's very good at what she does. So, in some ways, I take that as a compliment," Simpson responds. "But, the reason why I'm coming out with a ballad is to set me apart from all of that."

As she continues, Simpson theorizes that this ballad will have people respecting her "as a singer."

"So, the comparisons, yeah we both have long, blonde hair and we're young, but I think that that's where it stops," she concludes.

Watch all of the interview in the clip above!