Kelly Rowland Recalls Reuniting With Her Biological Father After 30 Years in Heartfelt Message

Kelly Rowland paid tribute to her estranged father Christopher Lovett for Father's Day, detailing the day the pair reunited after decades apart in a moving Instagram post.

By emily belfiore Jun 22, 2020 2:34 PMTags

Kelly Rowland is opening up.

Taking to Instagram, the Destiny's Child alum paid tribute to her father Christopher Lovett in a moving Father's Day post, recalling the day that the two reunited after being estranged for decades following her parents' divorce.

"This was the day I met Christopher Lovett, My biological father," she began, sharing a series of photographs of herself and Lovett reconnecting. "This was honestly one of the most pivotal moments in my life! After 30years of not seeing him, not speaking to him...what would THAT mean, for me, my family, my psyche?"

She continued, "Well, this day in Oct. of 2018, I would find out. I finally found him, set up the meeting, and at this time I was filming 'American Soul', when I tell you I was petrified, I was walking to meet him, and my feet suddenly felt like they weighed A TON, needles to say I was overcome with anxiety, and I had a full on anxiety attack, in that moment I felt like the abandoned 8yr old."

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Remembering "cursing" Lovett prior to their meeting, Rowland said that her head was flooded with thoughts like, "Why didn't you come find me?," "Did you love me?," and "Am I worthy?" But, those feelings faded away once they reunited.

"And when I looked at him, and he looked at me, NOTHING CAME TO MY LIPS, not one word," she shared. "I felt the Holy Spirit say to me,listen. I listened to him, I was nervous to trust him, nervous to forgive him,nervous to love him nervous about it all. And the truth is, I already loved him."

As she continued, the "Motivation" singer explained that her husband Tim Weatherspoon encouraged her to forgive Lovett. Speaking to how her and her father's relationship has progressed, she added, "And since this time, I have forgiven, and we have spoken everyday since! I have come to know SO much about myself, my family history, and even where my love of music & voice have come from."

"I Love you Daddy, and love being your little girl...even at 39!" Rowland concluded. "Lol P.S. we are making up for lost time, and when I tell you, him telling me how smart and beautiful I am....will never get old!"

Back in 2013, Lovett had made a public plea to connect with his famous daughter. In an interview with Star Magazine, he said that he wanted to have a relationship with her "before it's too late." 

"So many previous years have passed and I'm getting old. I just pray she comes back into my life before it's too late," Lovett told the outlet. "I hoped I could make it up to her. But I'm still waiting for that day."

Two years prior, Rowland expressed that she wasn't quite ready to take that step. According to, she said, "I do have a desire to speak to him. But I have to be ready when I make that decision, and I don't want to hurry myself. I've been without him for more than 20 years."