Gabrielle Union's Father's Day Gift to Dwyane Wade Is a Total Slam Dunk

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's Father' Day celebrations included a memorable gift from the Bring It On star.
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Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's Best Family Moments

"My favorite fathers," her shout-out began. "The way you both show up time and time again for us. The way you both lead with your own mistakes. The way you both look for ways to be better men, husbands, allies, and most importantly, fathers. I love you both. My favorite dads in the world."

As a dad of four, Wade has been open about the importance of being a father. In recent months, he's candidly discussed his 12-year-old daughter Zaya's decision to come out as transgender.

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"Zion, born as a boy, came home and said, 'Hey, so I want to talk to you guys,'" he said during a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "'I think going forward I am ready to live my truth. I want to be referenced as 'she' and 'her.' I would love for you guys to call me Zaya.'"

"I looked at her and said, ‘You are our leader. You are our leader and this is our opportunity to allow you to be a voice,'" he added. "Right now, it's through us because she's 12 years old, but eventually it will be through her."

In an interview with Good Morning America, Wade said, "It was a process for us to sit down with our daughter and find out who she is and what she likes and not put something on her because, as parents, we put our hopes and we put our fears on our kids. With Zaya, we decided to listen to her and she's leading us on this journey."