Tom Brady and Robin Roberts Honor Senior Athletes During 2020 ESPYS

To all the senior athletes, Tom Brady and Robin Roberts have a message for you during the 2020 ESPYS. See their inspiring messages.

By Mike Vulpo Jun 22, 2020 1:54 AMTags
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Attention any and all senior athletes, the 2020 ESPYS didn't forget about you.

During Sunday night's telecast, Tom Brady and Robin Roberts honored the Class of 2020 including the students who may not have been able to compete in their final season. 

"If you are lucky enough to have a long career, you have your fair share of memorable seasons. But that last year at Michigan, that final run representing my school, that will always stand apart for me," the NFL quarterback shared. "High school and college seniors across the country were robbed of that right of passage this year and we are robbed of the chance to cheer them through it."

Tom added, "To all the seniors out there, we see you, we feel for you, we appreciate you. This is for you."

Robin also read a letter out loud that was dedicated to two seniors including Oregon Ducks alumna Sabrina Ionescu.

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"I know what you were thinking when you came back to school this year. Not about any more personal accomplishments or records or awards. You came back because you wanted to win. You wanted to play with your teammates for one more year to make history with them," the Good Morning America co-host shared. "Everything was coming together until your last shot got taken away."

Robin continued, "Now I would never pretend that what you lost in your senior year wasn't huge, but what I can tell you is you are not alone. Because while everyone knows your name, you are just one of so many seniors and high schools and colleges all across this land who missed out on what should have been one the greatest years of your lives."

So what would Robin do if she was in the shoes of a senior athlete?

"Never forget it. Never stop chasing what you lost and use your loss to make an even bigger impact than you ever thought possible wherever your life ends up. Your senior class is always going to be remembered in a different way," she explained. "So make sure that this isn't all they remember. Senior year may be gone, but your chance to write your story is just beginning."

The 2020 ESPYS air Sunday night at 9 p.m. on ESPN.