Loves It: Relive Every Iconic The Simple Life Moment

In honor of E!’s 30th anniversary, we’re taking a look back at some of The Simple Life’s most iconic moments, reliving everything from “What is Walmart?” to the "sanasa" song.

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This June, E! turns 30! To celebrate we're looking back at the most monumental moments in pop culture.

While it's almost been two decades since Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie introduced the world to The Simple Life, it's safe to say that it will always remain one of the most iconic reality series. Following the hilarious riches-to-rags misadventures of the famous socialites, the E! series, which ran from 2003 until 2007, thrusted the dynamic duo into various unlikely jobs, putting their limits to the test by moving in with rural families every week to learn the ropes of their trade.

But of course, pop culture enthusiasts know that Paris and Nicole's carefree attitudes and boundary-pushing remarks were the best parts of the show—that and their 2000s wardrobe. Between Paris' well-known catchphrase "That's hot" and Nicole's blunt remarks, the pair kept viewers and the people they were working with on their toes as they navigated each scenario. 

In honor of E!'s 30th anniversary, we're taking a look back at some of The Simple Life's most iconic moments. 

Unforgettable E! Moments That Defined Pop Culture

Scroll on to relive everything from Paris asking, "What is Walmart?" to the reality stars' famous "sanasa" song: 

Inflight Entertainment

While working as flight attendants, Paris and Nicole brought their hijinks 35,000 ft, in the air and provided their fellow flyers with endless entertainment. As Nicole was walking down the aisle, she famously asked a passenger, "Would you like a lap dance, dear?"

"Do you have 25 cents?”

After treating themselves to a shopping spree, Paris and Nicole's checkout total was a whopping $49,604.25. Before giving the cashier her credit card, Nicole quipped to her bestie, "Do you have 25 cents?"

Nicole's TMI Ice Breaker

In an effort to get to know their new roommate better, Nicole suggested that she and Paris take a TMI approach. "He's cute," Paris expressed, to which Nicole responded, "We should have a threesome with him." 

World's Best Dog Mom

Deciding to hit the mall, Paris thought that her beloved dog Tinkerbell deserved some pampering as well. As she tried on some fancy jewelry, she asked the sales associate, "Do you make diamond or pearl necklaces for dogs?"

Customer Service With a Smile

While working at an auto body shop, Nicole approached a customer inquiry with the utmost professionalism. After being asked if the company charged for squeaky brake inspections from a customer on the phone and checking with her supervisor, who informed her that those services are free, she epically responded, "We normally charge, but you sound hot, so I'll give it to you for free."

Grabbing The Essentials

Tasked with picking up some groceries, Paris and Nicole were shocked to find that the local grocery store didn't carry their favorite brands. After perusing the aisles, the "Stars Are Blind" singer asked, "Do they sell Marc Jacobs or Chanel in this grocery store?" 

"Don't Pollute."

Filling in as a weather forecaster for Fox 5 News, Paris delivered a powerful message on the importance of protecting the planet. "That is Earth," she said while standing in front of a weather map. "It's hot. Don't polute."

The Driving Ticket

While taking a drive, the besties were written up for having a blue light under their vehicle. Viewers watched as Paris and Nicole tried their best to get out of the ticket, with the Nikki Fre$h star shouting, "Who do I need to f--k around here to get out of a ticket?"

Employees of The Month

When their boss' back was turned, Paris and Nicole changed the words on Sonic's sign to read, "1/2 price anal salty weiner bugers." 

Doing Their Own Laundry

After arriving at their new home, Paris and Nicole were surprised to find out that they had to do their own a laundromat. Confused, Nicole asked, "You take your laundry somewhere to wash your own clothes?" Offering her expertise, Paris responded, "Yes, I've seen it in movies. Like in Forty Days and Forty Nights. Remember Josh Hartnett?" 

Ice Cream Connoisseur

Wanting to do something nice for the family she and Nicole were staying with, Paris treated her new pals to some ice cream. While placing her order, she iconically asked the ice cream truck driver, "Actually, can I have five more of these blonde bitches?," referencing a Powerpuff Girls-themed frozen treat. 

"What Is Wall-Mart?"

Walmart is on everyone's radar—except for Paris'. During the pilot episode, she epically asked, "What is Wall-Mart?" and assumed that the superstore only carried items pertaining to walls. 

Multitasking Fail

Seizing the opportunity to cut down on her chores, Paris decided to ride a Segway as she mopped the halls of the nursing home she and Nicole were working at. Unfortunately for the American Meme star, she didn't foresee the mop getting in the way of the vehicle and ended up taking a hilarious tumble. 

Long Live "Sanasa"

The Simple Life introduced the world to "sanasa," which became Paris and Nicole's trademark song. The unusual tune made its debut in season 1 while the duo were traveling on a bus as they tried to start a "sanasa" sing-along with their fellow passengers. 

The Cow Whisperer

Proving that she is a jack-of-all-trades while working on a dairy farm, Nicole impressed her boss when tasked with herding the cows. Much to his surprise, she had a rather abrasive method to wrangle them up. "Move, motherf--kers. Move! Move!" she yelled. "Get your fat a--es down there." 

Paris and Nicole's Showdown

During the dramatic season 4 finale, Nicole sneakily recruited a Paris lookalike to sit in during one of the pair's interviews without Paris' knowledge, leading to one of the duo's most iconic exchanges. "How could you do this to me?" Paris angrily asked Nicole, to which she responded, "How could you wear blue fur?"

Kesha's Cameo

Perhaps one of the most memorable Simple Life cameos goes to Kesha, who helped Paris and Nicole interview potential suitors for her mom. 

Tanning On The Job

Working a fast food drive-thru proved to be one of the duo's most difficult jobs. Taking a break from her duties, Paris decided tan her legs outside of the drive-thru window, which resulted in getting hilariously called out by her manager.