Jordin Sparks’ Dad Recalling Their "Daddy-Daughter Dates" Is Guaranteed to Melt Your Heart

Jordin Sparks' father shared how important quality time was with his daughter and how proud he is of the woman she's grown up to be.

By Kelsey Klemme Jun 20, 2020 9:00 PMTags
Watch: Phillippi Sparks Sends Love to Daughter Jordin Sparks

Before she was an American Idol winner and a Grammy-nominated artist, Jordin Sparks was always daddy's little girl.

This Father's Day weekend, we're celebrating all of the dads out there, including Sparks' father, Phillippi Sparks, who exclusively shared with E! News heartwarming stories about being the singer's parent.

He sweetly told E! about the duo's tradition of spending time with daddy-daughter dates, sharing in the video above, "The time that we had our very first daddy-daughter date...I had on my suit, tried to put on our best attire because this is a special day, this is my little girl."

Phillippi expressed how exciting their bonding time was, saying how they would drive to Scottsdale, Arizona, setting up a "pre-arranged dinner and everything" so he could make memories. "Sitting down and talking to her, listening to her and just talking about how special she is and how you're supposed to be treated."

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He explained how he talked to her about finding the right life partner and joked, "If you're not treated like this, you shouldn't even have the audacity to talk to the boy!"

Of course, Jordin found that perfect guy in Dana Isaiah, who she's been married to since 2017.

Phillippi also expressed how, "I'm just very grateful and thankful for her having grown up as a beautiful woman, she's a mother to DJ [Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr.] and a wonderful mom."

Phillippi signed off his sweet video message to Jordin with, "A father has to be present, so I am very thankful that I was picked by the man upstairs to be your father. I love you, I love you, I love you Jordan, I'm so happy you turned out to be the special woman you always are. Daddy always loves you."

Jordin has also shared how much her relationship with her father means to her, posting an adorable video of her dad playing with her son back in April.

"Happy Birthday to the man who made my childhood this fun & is now doing the same for DJ," she wrote in tribute to her dad on Instagram. "He's the best dad & now he's also the best Papi...We love you so much!"

Aww! Happy Father's Day, everyone!