Too Hot to Handle's Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey Break Up

Francesca, who met and fell in love with Harry on the popular Netflix reality TV series, told fans in a new video that she's "heartbroken" over the split.

By McKenna Aiello Jun 17, 2020 1:33 AMTags
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It's over for Too Hot To Handle stars Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey

Francesca, who met and fell in love with Harry on the popular Netflix reality TV series, broke the news to fans in a YouTube video posted Tuesday. 

"Harry and I are not together anymore. He decided to break up with me because he couldn't do long-distance anymore. I obviously was heartbroken. I did everything I could," the 26-year-old shared.

According to Francesca, the split went down during her recent visit to Los Angeles, where Harry relocated to from his native Australia. Francesca, who also had plans to move to L.A. from Vancouver to be with Harry, said that she initially wasn't convinced their relationship was over for good this time. 

"I didn't even want to tell my friends because I genuinely thought that we were going through a rocky period and we were going to figure it out," she described. However, their drama proved to be too much for 22-year-old Harry. 

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"Couples fight and you go through arguments," she shared in the video. "We would argue every now and then, but it was never for me relationship ending. And I think for him, small, little things ended up turning into relationship ending arguments."

Francesca declined to offer many details, but she did allude to certain "rumors" about Harry having played a factor in their breakup. 

As she explained it, "There was a lot of rumors that came up that turned out to be true. I was getting sent a lot of screenshots and messages. I didn't want to believe it because how could you have a wedding ring folder with someone, and how could you propose to someone, but you're also saying I can't be with you because of the distance. It makes me feel like I was being played."

"For me," Francesca added, "I would have stuck by this person no matter what. Through all the fights and everything I would have never given up, but it wasn't reciprocated. He was moving on, and he is moving on and I need to do the same."

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In May, Harry proposed to Francesca over Zoom (with a Ring Pop, of course) during a Too Hot To Handle reunion special.

The bride-to-be would later clarify in an interview, "Everyone's been, are you engaged... Like I asked him, 'Are we engaged?' And he's like, 'I asked you to marry me.' So I don't know, like, I think it definitely needs to be done in person. In like a proper proposal. So as of right now, no, we're not engaged." 

After production on Too Hot To Handle wrapped in April 2019, Francesca and Harry decided to go their separate ways, only to reconcile a short time later. 

"We had a bit of a crazy relationship," Harry recently shared on E!'s Pop of the Morning. "It's been a bit of a roller coaster. After the show, we had a bit of a break. I flew to Vancouver, she flew to Australia and then we broke up for a bit. I sent her a whole bunch of cute videos of us, and the next thing you know, it was all back on. I think we are in the best position we've ever been [in]."