Why Sherri Shepherd Is Moved by the Black Lives Matter Movement

By Allison Crist Jun 16, 2020 11:22 PMTags

Much-needed progress.

Sherri Shepherd caught up with E!'s Justin Sylvester on Tuesday's Daily Pop and weighed in on the nationwide protests over police brutality and social injustice.

"I'm glad that it's happening," Shepherd explained. "I think it had to happen during this COVID season so that people would take note and not go about their day. I'm glad. I am really hoping that people will step up and align themselves with us as Black people because we've been screaming for a long time."

Shepherd's especially moved by the worldwide response to George Floyd's death.

"I'm so glad that people around the world are stepping up and saying, 'Yes, Black lives matter,'" Shepherd told Sylvester. "As a mother, I've been watching the brutal beating and hearing about murders of trans folks…we have to remember also that this is somebody's child."

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She continued, "This is somebody's sister or brother; niece, nephew. This is somebody's friend. At the core…you gotta human being. We are human beings."

Shepherd opened up about her own son, 15-year-old Jeffrey Charles Tarpley.

"But knowing that someone will hate him for his skin color and not even get to that beautiful part of him, it really upsets me," she said. "So I fight for him."

Watch the complete Daily Pop interview in the above clip to hear Shepherd also talk about the upcoming season two premiere of Netflix's Mr. Iglesias, her podcast with Kym Whitley, dating during coronavirus and more.