What to Watch This Weekend: Our Top Binge Picks for June 20-21

From a new season of The Politician to preparing for the final season of Greenleaf, here's your guide to streaming this Saturday and Sunday

By Tierney Bricker Jun 19, 2020 6:00 PMTags
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Summertime and the streaming is easy...

Happy first weekend of summer, people! And what better way to celebrate the season of sunshine than by spending your Saturday and Sunday checking out new TV shows and catching up on returning ones? 

In this week's round-up of our top binge picks, we've got the return of a Ryan Murphy drama, this time with divas, and the debut of a TV adaptation of a beloved YA movie that was an adaptation of a beloved YA novel. Plus, Netflix has a new rom-com that is just waiting for you to watch over and over (and over) again and one of Showtime's biggest hits is back in action for its third season. 

And finally, in addition to the first weekend of summer, it's also Father's Day, so why not highlight some of our all-time favorite TV dads from past and current shows? 

Ready, set, let's binge...

Netflix's Black Lives Matter Programming

If You Are Ready to Fall in Love: Love, Simon was one of our favorite rom-coms in 2018, so we're very excited for Love, Victor, the spinoff TV series of the film, which follows a Latinx teen, Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino), also coming to terms with his sexuality while coming of age. There's a connection to the film, with Victor sending Insta DMs to Simon throughout, but Love, Victor stands on its own and we can't wait to see how Victor's love story plays out. (Where to Watch: Hulu, all 10 episodes)

E! Illustration

If You Are Ready to Rock the Vote: OK, so the presidential election isn't until November, but the battle for the State Senate, with Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) battling it out against Bette Midler and Judith Light, the showdown we've been anxiously awaiting since The Politician's finale. Will Payton be able to win? Will Bette and Judith eat him and his cohorts for breakfast? Will Gwyneth Paltrow continue to make appearances seemingly just to wear gorgeous gowns? But the most important question of all: how many performances will we be treated to from Ben Platt?! (Where to Watch: Netflix, all 8 episodes)

If You Are Looking to Pace Yourself: Did you know some shows still roll out on a weekly basis? Shocking, we know! The Chi returns for its highly anticipated third season on Sunday and it's going to get a little peachy, with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss joining the cast of Lena Waithe's drama set in the South Side of Chicago. (Where to Watch: Showtime, Sundays)

For another slow-burn, check out The Americans' Matthew Rhys as the famed titular character in Perry Mason, which centers on the defense lawyer in 1932 Los Angeles and co-stars Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany (playing just one character this time, that slacker), Lili Taylor and John Lithgow. We'll take "prestige drama" for $200, Alex. (Where to Watch: HBO, Sundays)

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If You Are Missing Zac Efron a Little More Than Usual: We're all in this together and we have quite the remedy for your struggle: Charlie St. Cloud, the star's 2010 movie with that infamous outdoor shower scene (true fans know the one!) is finally available to stream. You're welcome. (Where to Watch: Netflix)

If You Are Sad Top Chef All Stars: L.A. Is Over: Damn, this was a good season, right? Sigh, we already miss it. But the good news is we don't even get a chance to miss Padma Lakshmi, as the host and cookbook author has a new food docuseries that celebrates all different cultures through—what else?—food.

In Taste the Nation, Padma does just that, traveling to 10 different cities to highlight different immigrant communities, celebrating the true tastes of the nation. (Where to Watch: Hulu, all 10 episodes)

Good TV Shows That Started Out as Movies

If You've Dreamed of a Mash-Up Between a Hallmark Movie and Center Stage: OK, not our best, but Netflix's new comedy Feel the Beat, starring Disney darling Sofia Carson as a disgraced ballet dancer who returns to her small town and sees the chance to coach the local children's dance team as a road to redemption, is the feel-good content you need right now. Just from that description, we all likely know how this movie is going to end, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the ride. Bonus: Enrico Colantoni (aka Veronica Mars' beloved dad!) plays her dad, so prepare for all the father-daughter feels this Father's Day weekend! (Where to Watch: Netflix)

CBS All Access

If You Want to Prepare Now for Some Returning Shows: It's like homework, but 100 times more fun! Season two of The Twilight Zone premieres next week, so why not get a little weird this weekend and stream the first season, which included appearances by Kumail Nanjiani, Seth Rogen, Adam Scott, Zazia Beets, Taissa Farmiga, Tracy Morgan, Jon Cho, Greg Kinnear and countless others? (Where to Watch: CBS-All Access)

If a family drama is more your vibe right now as you are stuck at home with your own dramatic fan, we recommend catching up on all four seasons of OWN's Greenleaf ahead of the fifth and final season's premiere on June 23. Executive produced by Oprah Winfrey (who recurs), the show centers on the Greenleaf family and all of their secrets, lies and betrayal as they manage their mega-church in Memphis. (Where to Watch: Netflix)

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If You Want to Spend Father's Day With Some Fictional Fathers: Why not celebrate the day with some of TV's best on-screen dads? As previously mentioned, Enrico Colantoni's Keith Mars on Veronica Mars is one of the greats (Where to Watch: Hulu), with Coach Eric Taylor on Friday Night Lights also in contention for one of the best. (Where to Watch: Hulu).

While he wasn't Will's dad, Uncle Phil ("Daddy" to his kids) on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a gruff teddy bear, ready to give tough love and endless support (Where to Watch: HBO Max), and then there's the sage advice and cool calm from Sandy Cohen on The O.C. (Where to Watch: HBO Max)

As for current TV dads, we have major soft spots for Black Lightning's Jefferson Pierce (a literal superhero too), (Where to Watch: Netflix and The CW), and, of course, we're spoiled by This Is Us, with both Jack and Randall delivering the fatherly feelings. (Where to Watch: Right Here.)