James Corden Thanks BTS Fans for Black Lives Matter Support With Unaired Carpool Karaoke Clip

James Corden treated BTS fans to a never-before-seen clip from the K-Pop band's Carpool Karaoke to thank them for raising $1 million in support of Black Lives Matter.

By emily belfiore Jun 09, 2020 3:31 PMTags
James Corden, BTSGregory Pace for Shutterstock, Efren Landaos for Shutterstock

James Corden is showing his appreciation for BTS fans.

During an episode of The Late Late Show, he paid tribute to the passionate fanbase for coming together to raise $1 million in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The funding comes after the band announced that they had donated the same amount.

"You may have read this weekend the amazing story that the Korean band BTS donated $1 million to Black Lives Matter," Corden said. "Knowing BTS, they didn't just sign a check. I guarantee you there was a three-minute tightly-choreographed dance routine leading up to the signing of that check. But on seeing this news, BTS fans, known as the BTS Army, pledged to match their donation, raising another million dollars in less than 24 hours."

"It's incredible," he continued. "But they didn't stop there. Together with fans of Blackpink, NCT and other K-Pop groups, they decided that they would drown out any hateful messages on Twitter by flooding the hashtag #AllLivesMatter with content like this: Blackpink blowing you a kiss or dance routines from NCT."

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Corden then quipped, "And you just know that there's some angry guy out there trying to be racist but now he just can't stop dancing to ‘Boy With Love.'"

After joking that the BTS Army are the "only troops we should be sending in," Corden decided to show his thanks by sharing a never-before-seen clip from BTS' Carpool Karaoke.

Throwing it back to the February segment, the Cats star can be seen in the driver's seat leading VJungkookJiminRM, JinSUGA and J-Hope in a "Baby Shark" sing-along. But before he knew it, the K-Pop group broke out singing LMFAO and Lil Jon's "Shots," making for a hilarious mash-up. Impressed, Corden joked, "Wow, that's a pretty good remix of ‘Baby Shark.' I think we hit something really good there."

Once the clip ended, the late night host expressed his gratitude to the BTS Army once more, making a sweet reference to the nickname the band gave him during their Carpool Karaoke. "Thanks again, BTS and all of the Armies out there," Corden said as he signed off. "You have made this Papa Mochi very, very proud."

"E! stands in solidarity with the black community against systemic racism and oppression experienced every day in America," the network said in a statement on May 31. "We owe it to our black staff, talent, production partners and viewers to demand change and accountability. To be silent is to be complicit. #BlackLivesMatter."