Watch: Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev's Baby Gender Reveal

Drum roll, please!

Total Bellas fans likely found out that Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev are expecting their first child together long before tonight's season finale, but the engaged couple did reveal something else they've been keeping under wraps: their baby's sex!

The big announcement came at a themed party that paid homage to Nikki and Brie Bella's Mexican heritage, and after the latter led a countdown among family and friends, Nikki broke open a piñata, revealing tons of blue confetti! That's right, Nikki and Artem Chigvintsev are having a boy!

"I'm so excited that Nicole and Artem are having a boy," Brie said in a confessional. "I knew...I really, in my heart, I just felt it for her."

She added that a boy will be "perfect" for Nikki's personality.

"I think you and your little boy will have such a great bond," Brie told her sister. "I do. I really feel that."

Nikki and Artem's big baby news also coincides with E!'s announcement that season six of Total Bellas will premiere this fall! The new season will follow the twins' births as Nikki navigates the joys of parenthood and Brie becomes a mom of two.

Read on for more exciting moments from tonight's Total Bellas season finale.

Nikki Bella's Pregnancy Pics

Before the reveal party, Artem found out he's going to be a dad and his reaction was pure joy. Nikki broke the news to her fiancé by leaving a positive pregnancy test in his suitcase he was packing, and though Nikki's initial response was, 'Oh s--t,' Artem was elated.

"Let's have a baby!" he said while picking Nikki up.

"It's just unreal," Artem expressed while smiling ear-to-ear. "I mean, I'll be a dad. I'm just lost for words."

He was also thrilled to find out that Brie's pregnant, too. Nikki, however, was hesitant to tell her—especially since she was still in shock herself.

"I have wanted to be a mom for my whole life. But everything that I planned out for the next five years just happened today. I think about how I've been feeling about Artem and our proposal and that it's too fast, and now we're gonna have a kid," Nikki explained in a confessional. "Is Brie gonna be upset because she's gonna think I stole her thunder? There's so much going on in my head right now. It wants to explode."

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Unfortunately, Brie wasn't exactly thrilled to hear the news—not because she thought Nikki was stealing "her thunder," but because she didn't want her sister to "rush" into becoming a mom.

"...I feel like everything's been rushed with her lately. And I don't want to take away from her having this child because it's such a beautiful thing, but when someone tells you that they feel like things have been moving too fast, and less than 24 hours later, they tell you they're carrying that person's baby, how does one handle all that?" Brie pondered aloud to the Total Bellas cameras. "I just want to make sure she has a strong head on her shoulders because her whole life is about to change."

Nikki accused Brie of being "mean," but when it came time for her first ultrasound, Nikki no longer cared if people thought she and Artem were moving too fast.

"Hearing the heartbeat and seeing our baby move...I don't even know how to put it into words. Like, the feeling right now," Nikki explained. "Seeing Artem get so emotional just melts me and it makes me feel more in love with him. That's going to be the father of my child! In this moment right now, I'm like, I don't give a f--k what anyone says." 

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Nikki was also able to come to terms specifically with her engagement to Artem, thanks to a conversation with her mom, Kathy Colace. She reassured her daughter that she's not going to make the same mistakes she did with her father—something Nikki said she desperately needed to hear.

"I have to let go of my past. I don't have to bring it into my future, because it's my story going forward and not my mother's," Nikki reflected. "I'm just excited for the future—for him to be a father, us to raise a child together, to get married and to just let go. Whatever our life is, it is."

The twins eventually made up as well, with Brie apologizing for being too "harsh." From then on, the two became even more inseparable as their pregnancies progressed

"I just can't believe I'm pregnant with my sister. Like, at first it caught me off guard and it upset me a little bit," Brie said. "But I have to be there for my sister. And I want to be supportive and I want to make this one of those journeys I'm gonna remember my whole life."

Brie Bella's Pregnancy Pics

A montage of the sisters doing things like comparing bumps and indulging in cravings gave Total Bellas fans a look into the twins' pregnancy journeys, which they said have been "identical," even down to their symptoms.

Brie's husband, Daniel Bryan (born Bryan Danielson) explained that "when it comes to Brie and Nicole, he's "never surprised by anything."

"So being pregnant at the same time, it makes sense because they are so in sync," Bryan added.

Despite being thrilled to give his and Brie's daughter a sibling, he was admittedly annoyed at times with what he described as Nikki having "more influence" on Brie than him. This was especially the case when it came to the reveal of their baby's sex—Nikki wanted to have a joint reveal party, while Bryan wanted to keep it a surprise. In the beginning, Brie sided with Nikki.

"My husband doesn't want to find out the gender of our baby, but I'm pregnant with my twin sister. Like, this is something we could have fun together with," Brie reasoned. "We can plan together [and] go shopping together when we both know our genders."

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While discussing the matter with Brie, Nikki and Artem, Bryan shared his feelings on the matter: "You and I have spoken for hours about how we want a surprise, and it takes five minutes of Nicole saying, 'Hey, we can hit piñatas together!' Sold!"

Brie ultimately decided to stick to the idea of a surprise, especially since she and Bryan were "in a good place."

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