We Ranked the Couples From Parks and Recreation

In honor of Rashida Jones' birthday, we're taking a look back at Parks and Recreation's best (and worst) couples.

By Kelsey Klemme Feb 25, 2021 4:10 PMTags
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If there is one thing we love more than Li'l Sebastian and the Harvest Festival, it's some of these couples from Parks and Recreation.

In case you hadn't heard, when NBC's streaming service Peacock launched in July, the iconic comedy series became available to binge over and over again. In other words, you can spend hours reliving Ann and Leslie's best friend goals, Tom's latest business shenanigans and, of course, all of the show's pairings that we fell in love with—or, you know, were secretly hoping would split before the season ended.

In honor or Rashida Jones' 45th birthday Feb. 25—she starred as the one and only Ann Perkins—we're ranking some of the most memorable duos from the series, from the mismatched couples we were happy to see go to the ultimate pair-ups that had us bawling when they finally said "I do." (We're looking at you Leslie and Ben, played by Amy Poehler and Adam Scott, of course.)

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Check out our list below to see where each of the Parks and Recreation couples fall!

12. Tom and Mona-Lisa

Mona-Lisa may have been the wOoOoOrst, but at least Tom finally realized what he wanted after dating her (and getting dumped for being broke.)

11. Mark and Ann

Though Leslie did give her blessing for Mark and Ann to date, it never really felt right for the two to get together after Mark Leslie along for such a long time.

Even when we did accept it, Mark was sort of a dud in the relationship, and we weren't sad to see him go.

10. Ron and Tammy 2

While their toxic relationship was hilarious to watch unfold on screen, Ron quickly became the worst version of himself whenever he was around Tammy 2.

9. Tom and Ann

These two were each a ton of fun, but just didn't match as a couple and, to be honest, we never really bought a romantic connection.

8. Ann and Andy

We will always have a special place in our heart for Andy and Ann's relationship. After all, if Andy never fell into the pit, and Ann hadn't attended a city council meeting over the concern for his broken legs, we never would have seen Leslie and Ann's friendship, or Andy and April's relationship.

That said, these two were clearly peas in different pods, and it made sense that they each found their bliss with someone else.

7. Donna and Joe

We wish that the show had given this romantic arc more screen time, but we loved the little that we got to see.

6. Tom and Lucy

After spending most of the series as the guy in the office who refused to grow up, it was sweet to see Tom finally find someone who made him want to be his best self. Plus, his proposal to her was totally adorable.

5. Ron and Diane

After not one but two failed relationships with women named Tammy, we weren't sure if Ron would find love.

Thankfully, he met Diane, and their equally pragmatic personalities were a perfect match. Diane also made Ron grow, with him taking on the role of father to her two daughters and a son the two had together.

4. Garry (or Jerry/Larry/Terry) and Gayle

While Garry's co-workers couldn't understand how he landed Gayle—including Ben theorizing that Gayle had been hypnotized—the truth is they were probably just kind of jealous?

Sure, Garry may be the butt of the jokes at the office, but after work he has a loving wife and gorgeous children, so who really won?

3. Ann and Chris

It made perfect sense that these two rays of sunshine would eventually find their happily-ever-after in one another. The only negative about their relationship is that they decided to leave Pawnee to raise their child, but we still are totally on board with this meant-to-be couple.

2. April and Andy

While at first this couple seemed like an odd pairing—with April's deadpan energy and Andy's perpetual puppy dog optimism—it turns out opposites truly attract to create one of the show's funniest and sweetest pairings.

1. Leslie and Ben

Honestly, Leslie and Ben aren't just the best couple in Parks and Recreation, they might be the best couple on TV.

The two constantly pushed one another to reach their goals, while also having the selflessness of putting their own aside to let the other shine. From Ben's adorable proposal to Leslie's wedding dress made from campaign flyers and newspaper clippings of her greatest career achievements, these two make us believe in love.

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