MDLLA’s Josh Altman Talks Co-Listing With Josh Flagg, Frederik Eklund Moving to LA & More!

The real estate agent reveals which episodes he's referring to, as well as his thoughts on Fredrik Eklund moving to Los Angeles.

By Allison Crist Jun 16, 2020 3:00 PMTags
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It's safe to say season 12 of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles is going to be iconic.

For starters, rival real estate agents Josh Flagg and Josh Altman will share a listing—an experience the latter told E! that produced "probably the two best episodes in the history of Million Dollar Listing." 

Altman didn't go into detail, but he did talk a little bit about what it was like to work alongside Flagg.

"Every time I hang out with him, I question why...and when I say 'hang out,' I mean during this listing appointment that we had," he said, comparing the car ride the two shared to "pulling teeth."

Altman continued, "But I will tell you, he's an interesting human being. If you take him with a grain of salt, and you understand, like, who he is, and you just kind of embrace that, it's a little more tolerable."

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Altman even acknowledged that he has "a special place" in his heart for Flagg, though "it's the part that I don't ever really want to go to," he joked.

"At the end of the day, we both are really good at what we do in different ways," he added. "So I respect that as the sales aspect."

Season 12 of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles will also quite literally go places it's never gone before.

"We are traveling further than ever before for business because of the type of market that it was before we went into this current market," Altman explained. "So, you know, I just bought my first mobile office because, literally, I live in my car traveling to my offices down in San Diego, down to Newport, up to San Francisco."

Doing this, according to Altman, is almost a requirement for luxury real estate agents "in these times" as the local market simply doesn't suffice. 

Perhaps former Million Dollar Listing New York star Fredrik Eklund's relocation from NYC to Los Angeles will make for even more competition?

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Not according to Altman, it won't.

"I'm not sure he brings anything to the market. I know he had a tough year this year in L.A., which is normal for people moving from anywhere," Altman said of Eklund. "It's gonna take, you know, five years to build your business, so I know it's a slow start for him."

He continued, "I think he learned very quickly that this isn't New York, and that, you know, even though you're good in one area doesn't mean you're good in another area.

Altman isn't sure if Eklund will eventually join the Los Angeles franchise of Million Dollar Listing, but he wishes him the "best of luck."

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