SNL's Chris Redd Launches Coronavirus Relief Fund for Protesters

SNL cast member Chris Redd has launched an online fundraiser to aid protestors at risk of contracting coronavirus and cover the costs of testing, treatment and court expenses.

By Samantha Schnurr Jun 03, 2020 6:46 PMTags

While people are fighting one battle in America, they are also at risk of another. 

As the Black Lives Matter movement wages on in the wake of George Floyd's death, protests have sparked nationwide against police brutality and racial injustice, simultaneously bringing people physically together after months of social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Given the physical proximity of protesting in large crowds, participants are at an increased risk of contracting the deadly virus, an outcome Saturday Night Live star Chris Redd is working to aid. 

"I'm working on a relief fund for front line protestors who may contract COVID19 over the next couple of weeks due to body to body contact," he tweeted on Monday. "I would hate for my people fighting for justice struggle later because of it. If you would like to help, let's connect!"

A day later, he announced the launch of a COVID-19 Protest Relief Fund on GoFundMe. 

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"As thousands of people take to the streets to protest racial discrimination and the many Black Lives lost at the hands of injustice, we also have the unfortunate fact that this deadly pandemic is still upon us," a description of the fund reads. "The lives at risk of the injustice being fought against are also the most vulnerable to COVID-19. Many will not be in position to pay the inevitable cost associated with their brave efforts. This fund is to assist those that contract this disease while protesting and other protest related injuries as many are being attacked while speaking out. We haven't been able to get ahead of COVID-19 thus far,  but this is certainly another step in the right direction!" 

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It was noted on the page that funds raised will assist with testing, treatment and hospital bills related to coronavirus, injuries from protesting and bail and court expenses for protesters. 

With more than 2,000 donors, the fund has already raised $107,170 of its $250,000 goal. 

"Black Lives Matter!" the description concluded. "We stand with those protesting in support of the change that we need to see."

On Wednesday, Redd addressed the fund's progress. "My god my mind is blown by the power of love for our people!!!! Thank you to each and every person that has given so far, every share, retweet, all of it!! This is crazy!! Link still in the bio and I'll have updates regarding fund distribution and more!!! The biggest goal being getting this $$ to the people as fast as possible!!! Blown away, man! Let's keep going!!! y'all be safe in those streets today! 12 acting up!"